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American investor and entrepreneur Kevin Harrington have done much in a career spanning more than four decades. It makes sense that many people believe Kevin Harrington is a multibillionaire because he was the creative force behind the idea of “the infomercial” and the well-known “As Seen on TV” brand. But his net worth is much lower than $1 billion.

We at Sophisticated Investor decided to gather all the information that was readily accessible to answer the question, “How much is Kevin Harrington worth?” The estimated net worth of the American businessperson and investor is given below.

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Please be aware that all offered numbers are merely estimations and not proof. However, we used all publicly available estimates to estimate the likely range of Mr. Harrington’s net worth.

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What is Kevin Harrington’s Net Worth?

According to all estimates, Kevin Harrington’s net worth is $450 million. According to Insider Growth, this was Mr. Harrington’s net worth as of 2021. Although this value is undoubtedly an estimate and not definitive, it is the most frequently mentioned one based on public estimates of his fortune.

Kevin Harrington, one of the first “sharks” on the popular ABC series Shark Tank, is likely among the wealthiest investors to have been on the program. The fact that Mr. Harrington created the “infomercial” and founded the “As Seen on TV” brand significantly contributes to his enormous net worth.

Kevin Harrington Biography: A Crash Course

Cincinnati, Ohio, welcomed Kevin Harrington on October 15, 1956. He showed an aptitude for entrepreneurship at a young age. At nine, Mr. Harrington began selling newspapers, and at fifteen, he started his first business. It was a business that specialized in driveway sealing.

Mr. Harrington left the University of Cincinnati during his junior year to focus on his successful business ventures. This was the case despite his impressive 3.85-grade point average. Harrington then started selling franchises and aided aspirant business owners in realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations.

When Harrington discovered there was a demand for the material being broadcast on late-night television, he created the contemporary notion of the “infomercial” in 1985. He contributed $25,000 of his hard-earned cash at the start of the 1980s to the establishment of Quantum International, and the business eventually reached an astonishing $500 million in annual revenue. After selling his Quantum shares, Kevin founded HSN Direct, a joint venture company with The Home Shopping Network.

Along with launching a long number of wildly popular items like “The Flying Lure,” “The Great Wok of China,” and “The FoodSaver,” to mention a few, Harrington also developed the enduring “As Seen on TV” brand.

Harrington was allowed to join the initial “sharks” on the Emmy-winning program Shark Tank due to his outstanding accomplishment as an entrepreneur. He participated in the show’s first two seasons. Harrington is also credited with co-founding the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA), respectively.

How Did Kevin Harrington Build His Wealth?

Most of Kevin Harrington’s income results from extremely successful entrepreneurial endeavors. For instance, his first business, Harrington Driveway Sealing, brought in more than $1 million annually, and similar sales were made by HSN Direct in the millions.

Harrington has launched a fantastic 500 products throughout his entrepreneurial career, invested in nearly two dozen businesses, and generated over $5 billion in worldwide sales. Let’s say that man can recognize a quality product when he sees one.

At least 20 of Mr. Harrington’s company enterprises have earnings of more than $100 million, which should be mentioned.

Several of Kevin Harrington’s books have achieved great success. The most noteworthy are:

  • Act Right Away: How I Create Million-Dollar Products from Ideas (HCI, 2009)
  • The Five-Step Process to Become One of the Most Valuable and High-Paid Individuals in Your Industry by Key Person of Influence (Rethink Press Limited, 2015)
  • Actionable Steps for Business Success: Put a Shark in Your Tank (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017)

How is Kevin Harrington’s Worth Calculated?

Kevin Harrington is one of several wealthy celebrities who are founders or executives of publicly traded firms. According to SEC guidelines, these companies must publish their financial information. Most of a celebrity’s fortune is frequently derived from public declarations of share ownership, which is subsequently used as a stand-in for their net worth.

To arrive at a ballpark approximation, disclosures are added to the person’s publicly known assets (such as their cars, residences, and secondary properties) before being removed from their publicly known debts. The general formula used to get Kevin Harrington’s estimated $450 million net worth is shown below.

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Kevin Harrington’s Views on Alternative Investments

A longtime proponent of alternative investments, including marijuana, is Kevin Harrington. Harrington has participated in several cannabis-related businesses, including a personal investment in Cannaprenuer Partners.

Mr. Harrington recently received a position on the board of Hollister Biosciences Inc., which sells branded cannabis and hemp products. He will also lead the advisory board of the business as chairman.

Alternative assets, such as precious metals and cryptocurrency, can be utilized to diversify a portfolio in addition to investments like cannabis. Precious metals and cryptocurrencies require a self-directed IRA with a more extensive range of asset types to diversify a portfolio. Before starting, those interested in forming a self-directed IRA should read our assessments of the best gold and bitcoin IRA service providers. This will allow you to conduct your research.

Who Else Invests Like Kevin Harrington?

Different investors have different styles. Check out these investor profiles to compare other investors like Kevin Harrington:

  • Daniel Lubetzky
  • Robert Herjavec
  • Michael Wekerle
  • Anne Wojcicki
  • Barbara Corcoran
  • Sara Blakely
  • John Paul Dejoria

Want to Invest Like Kevin Harrington?

Having a net worth comparable to Kevin Harrington’s is a lofty goal. However, as Kevin has done his entire life, you can start investing actively. It would be best if you started by opening a tax-advantaged retirement account so you may create a portfolio that increases in value while avoiding or deferring taxes.

Open a self-directed IRA account right away to get going. By doing so, you can invest in several high-potential asset groups that are not accessible to investors using standard brokerage accounts. These include nontraditional financial instruments, including annuities, hedge funds, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Pros and Cons Kevin Harrington’s Net Worth


  • Kevin Harrington’s Wealth, a pioneer in the field of direct-response marketing
  • On the American television program Shark Tank, one of the original “sharks.”
  • Has established a strong reputation through his numerous successful business enterprises.


  • Significant investments carry risk and may only sometimes be profitable.
  • Due to the high capital requirements, it is not practical for ordinary investors to repeat their results.

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Final Thought – Kevin Harrington Net Worth

The wealth of Kevin Harrington is evidence that perseverance, wise financial decisions, and calculated risk-taking are necessary for long-term financial success. Although the typical investor might not be able to achieve his degree of accomplishment, everyone can be motivated by his dedication and fortitude.

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