Lear Capital Reviews

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Are you interested in opening an individual retirement account with Lear Capital but still need to decide whether or not it is the best company for you?

Your search for Lear Capital reviews ends here because this article will provide you with everything you must know about this precious metals IRA firm!

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What is Lear Capital?

Lear Capital has been one of America’s precious metal leaders for 25 years. Due to their excellence and transparency, this firm has already completed $3 billion in transactions with different clients.

However, what do they offer to become this notably rated?

Reviews and Testimonials


Why Put Gold in Your IRA?

Diversifying your portfolio with precious metals will help you build a solid wall against deflation and inflation.

Since its value remains stable despite economic changes, you can be confident that you will keep what you have invested. Also, unlike other items, gold does not deteriorate, and its appearance does not alter.

In addition, investing in a gold IRA will give you multiple stock market options. Your retirement account will not focus on one thing, so even though one of your investments loses value, you can have a backup investment plan.

To enjoy all these benefits, the only thing you must do is find the best company that can handle your IRA securely. For example, Lear Capital can be preferable. Plus, searching for Lear Capital reviews like this will let you explore its features.

Products and Services

This firm from Los Angeles, California, assists people in diversifying their retirement portfolios with silver, gold, and other precious metals to build a secure and more stable future. They support self-directed IRAs and precious metal investments with fair pricing and real-time guidance.

Here is detailed information about their products and services.

Self-Directed IRAs

If you want to start an investment or roll over your existing IRAs to a precious metal retirement account, you can opt for Lear Capital’s self-directed IRA.

The company will guide you in choosing, buying, transporting, and storing your gold, silver, or platinum. Generally, they offer private storage facilities to secure your purchases.

Precious Metals Investment

You can still invest and purchase precious metals from this company even if you do not want an IRA. Yet, since it focuses on gold and silver items, you can only have fewer options for platinum and other metals.

You can reach Lear Capital’s website today to inquire about their pricing and guidelines for placing orders. Also, the shipping details and storage facilities are in your hand!

Starting an IRA with Lear Capital

First, you can reach Lear Capital’s in-house Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Processing Department to open a precious metal IRA account. The company will also transfer your assets from your existing IRA to your newly made account.

After that, Lear Capital will send a personal representative to assist you in precious metals investing, such as choosing the right physical gold and silver. If you still need to learn about this industry, they will also guide you to understand each item to help you decide on one.

In addition, you can check their website to see purchase options. Nonetheless, the prices are in real-time and thus can change throughout the day.

So, you only have ten minutes to place an order and check out at the given price before it updates.

After completing your order, you can wire the money through a mail-in check or over the phone to Lear Capital. However, the company will advise the second option because its process time is faster than the former.

Lastly, you can sign the Shipping and Transaction Agreement after choosing where to ship your precious metals.


You can always get right with Lear Capital’s pricing because they are transparent with their costs.

After opening your account for free, you will only have to pay $260 for the first year and $180 annually in the following years. These payments include insurance, storage, and online account access.

Aside from that, this company also offers reasonable value for every purchase of precious metals. They also have a price match guarantee, granting beneficial incentives to customers.

For instance, if you buy gold for $25,000 to $50,000, you can enjoy a free first-year fee through a reimbursement check, given that you have already paid the first month’s storage charge.

Comparatively, the company will waive your first to second-year payments if you purchase between $50,000 and $75,000. Meanwhile, once it exceeds $75,000, you can be free from up to the third year of annual costs.


People invest in precious metals IRAs due to their innate, timeless worth that can withstand economic changes, unlike traditional IRAs, which can lose value as the economy worsens.

Consequently, Lear Capital offers you the capacity to possess your precious metals physically to continue distribution. According to their distribution options, you can close your account, but doing so would subject you to annual Required Minimum Distributions (RMD).


If you ask about advertising, Lear Capital is undoubtedly one of those companies that love marketing their products aggressively on different platforms.

For instance, it airs more than 200 commercials every 30 days. Each commercial shows how investing in an IRA precious metals account could lead a person to a more stable retirement.

Nevertheless, even though gold has stability, it is best to monitor the value of precious metals regularly to check their status. That is because they can still change in the stock market.

Buying Back Coins

Unfortunately, Lear capital does not guarantee that there will be a buyback of precious metal coins today. You can wait for further information on their website if they decide to make such offers.

Storage Facility Used by Lear Capital

Lear Capital usually uses Brinks Depository in Salt Lake City, Utah, for storing all precious metals. In this case, the company is the insurer of gold, while Lloyds of London is the insurance provider appointed by the depository.


Regarding Lear Capital’s credentials, this firm has already received top-notch Lear Capital reviews from different agencies. Also, it is a member of the Trust Link, Industrial Council for Tangible Assets, Business Consumer Alliance, Professional Coin Grading Service, and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

IRA Eligibility Of Coins Sold By Lear Capital

This individual retirement account offers a wide selection of eligible IRA coins. For instance, they aim to meet the general guidelines for gold bullion to be legal and at least 99.5% pure, silver bullion to be 99.9%, and platinum bullion to be 99.95%.

You can check their website information to know more.

Tracking the Performance of Your Portfolio

Lear Capital has appointed Self-directed IRA Services Inc. as their IRA custodian. They will grant you online access to your investment account, allowing you to track its performance in real time.

Also, they will directly send quarterly statements to your home address to keep you updated.

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What Other Companies Are Best For Precious Metal Investments?

If you feel like Lear Capital needs to suit your preferences, you can check these precious metal companies to see if any passes your qualifications!

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals


Star Rating

A company that discloses everything you must know is the best one to invest in to prevent hidden fees and possible scams.

Fortunately, you can find Augusta Precious Metals, a family-owned investment firm in Beverly Hills, California, who is beyond ready to tell you details about its pricing, fee structure, offers, and guidelines.

This company allows clients to invest in gold and silver products. The only downfall is that they do not offer a lot of precious metals, such as platinum and palladium. Moreover, they do not support online purchases.

Nevertheless, regarding customer service and assistance, Augusta’s way of putting clients above all else is top-notch. Their friendly customer service and assistance always aim to build loyalty, peace of mind, and trust from prospective and existing customers by assisting them in all processes in the best way possible. 

Also, to attract clients, they offer seven-day price protection, a 100% money-back guarantee to new customers, and guaranteed fair pricing. Even though you may think their minimum investment of $50,000 is expensive, they charge no management expenses because accounts will usually be self-directed.

You can also contact the company for additional details about their setup, storage, and other fees. 

If you have thoughts of changing your mind after opening an account, you can benefit from this company’s buyback program. They will let you sell your invested gold and silver products to them, allowing you to regain your money.


  • Easy and quick account opening process
  • Guaranteed fair pricing, low charges, and a transparent fee structure
  • Money-back guarantee for client satisfaction
  • Buyback programs and seven-day price protection
  • Excellent customer service and assistance


  • They do not offer palladium and platinum products
  • Expensive minimum investment
  • They do not support online purchases

American Hartford Gold


star rating

Star Rating

Are you looking for a wide selection of IRS-approved precious metals you can purchase or invest in through an IRA? You can opt for American Hartford Gold because they offer you gold and silver bars, gold and silver coins, platinum, and collector coins! 

This private firm from Los Angeles, California, will let you choose whether to buy and receive the precious metals on your doorstep or ship them to a secured storage facility. Commonly, they use third-party depositories like Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services. However, they can charge you annual management and storage payments of $180.

While this company will not ask you to pay for setup and shipping fees, you can find it challenging to know their fee structure and cost details because they usually keep that private. Furthermore, they may handle every transaction slowly.


  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Affordable setup costs and other gold or silver IRA-related fees
  • Wide range of precious metal products
  • Investor Education Program


  • With annual maintenance fees
  • Failure to disclose fee structures
  • No international shipping outside the United States
  • They cannot handle transactions and processes quickly



    Star Rating

    Goldco is your best match if you are looking for a precious metal company to let you transfer your assets from your tax-advantaged retirement account to a gold or silver IRA. They allow clients to move from 401(k), 403(b), and IRA accounts to precious metals. Once you do, you can have numerous options for direct sales of gold and silver items!

    This private firm in Calabasas, California, also has a top-rating service and reputation in the industry. One of their specialties is their easy and quick account opening process. You only need to sign an agreement with the company through their website, initiate an account, and wait for a representative to assist you.

    However, Goldco’s initial investment will require a minimum of $50,000. They can also charge you a $50 initial setup fee and an additional $80 for administration costs. About its storage guidelines, you can choose whether to deliver the precious metal to your house, put it in a depository, or qualify for free storage in the company. 


    • Highest buyback guarantee in rare coins for newly created accounts
    • Extensive educational resources to provide information about this industry
    • Easy 3-step account opening process
    • Ability to transfer from tax-advantaged retirement accounts to precious metal IRAs


    • Very high minimum investment
    • They rarely offer other precious metals aside from silver and gold products

      Birch Gold

      Birch Gold


      Star Rating

      Birch Gold Group is a private firm from Burbank, China, that has been around for almost 20 years. They also rank high among those companies that excellently assist clients in portfolio diversification using gold, silver, platinum, and palladium items. 

      This firm also achieves goals of building solid customer empowerment, transparency, empathy, ethics, efficiency, and education. They happily serve all prospective and existing clients to maintain their notable reputation in the industry. Also, they respond to everyone as soon as possible if inquiries arise.

      If you still need to figure out where to begin, Birch Gold Group can help you decide on precious metals. They will also inform you about the possible scams and schemes you may encounter and how to prevent them.

      Nonetheless, all these benefits come with an initial setup fee of $50, a wire-transfer cost of $30, and a minimum investment of $10,000. You can only waive these expenses if you purchase or invest a minimum of $50,000.


      • Hassle-free account opening process with the excellent assistance of customer support and staff
      • Numerous custodians and depository options
      • Transparent fee structure
      • Wide selection of precious metal products
      • They allow bulk and frequent purchases 


      • With maintenance, storage, and security fees yearly
      • No online purchases
      • The IRA processing can take too much time 

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      Final Thoughts – Lear Capital Reviews

      As you have encountered different Lear Capital reviews, you will know that this company did not earn the title of one of America’s precious metal leaders for nothing.

      Compared to other firms, it has the lowest minimum investment of $7,500. Also, even though it can require an annual payment of $180, you will never suffer from hidden fees because they always keep their fee structure private.

      Moreover, unlike those firms that cannot handle processes quickly, Lear Capital has been gaining popularity for offering fast and easy account setup procedures. They also advise how to make it more convenient to deal with payments.

      Not to brag that their specialists enable you to access your investment account online, providing you with real-time updates on your IRA.

      With that said, Lear Capital may be a strong contender whenever investors look for reliable, inexpensive, and quick companies. If you want to fill your portfolio with something unique, stable, and valuable, Lear Capital may give you the best!

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