Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits

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Combining current events and macroeconomic trends, Capitalist Exploits provides you with monthly investment opportunities. They do guarantee, though, that the risk/reward ratios will always be asymmetric in your favor. This means that the downside potential will be limited while the upside potential is high enough to make your effort worth it.

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What is Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is an investment advisory service offered by Chris MacIntosh. He is a professional investor turned financial guru and his team of investors. Working across the globe, they diligently examine global markets to find out investment opportunities with excellent returns.

Customers are provided three tiers to choose from. The first tier consists of the free content on the website, a newsletter, and a blog comprising trading advice, opinion, market analysis, etc.

The customer gets to choose from three options.

The first tier consists of the free content on the website, a newsletter, and a blog compressing investing advice, opinion, market analysis. The second tier is called Insider. It is a lot more expensive, and you have to pay this upfront fee. The third and newest tier is Resource Insider. It focuses on early-stage investment opportunities in the natural resource sector.

Resource Insider is a blog where Jamie Keech, who used to work as an engineer, now shares his knowledge about investing.

As you start, you will learn how to identify and execute these powerful asymmetric opportunities. Chris and his team will show you the trades they do every month.

How Capitalist Exploits Works?

The company’s newsletter aims to inform investors of advantageous investment opportunities with high rewards. The team supporting the company has done their due diligence in discerning which investments are best for your portfolio by assessing both potential returns and risks.

They have been very successful before, and they use this success to help predict future events. Aside from providing forecasting services, they also offer ways to adapt if their predicted forecast doesn’t come true.

They have a process that seeks investment opportunities worldwide through in-depth analysis, market research, and investment networks. Once the opportunities are found, they range from an estimated best risk-capital ratio.

From there, it’s determined what needs to be done for each opportunity. Identifying how capital should be allocated into every opportunity while generating and distributing detailed reports on all of them, so associates know which course of action will work best according to their budget or needs.

Who is Behind Capitalist Exploits?

When it comes to investing, everybody has an opinion on how you should go about identifying and executing trades. There are many people, sites, and services that will try to sell you advice on making big trades.

Capitalist Exploits is an investment advice service run by Chris MacIntosh, a professional trader.

Chris has been a wizard at finding opportunities with out-sized returns when it comes to the stock market. But he’s not alone in this crew of investing legends. The company boasts other names that are just as successful from what we hear.

What’s Included?

The company provides different services for different users.


Insider is the company’s primary service. It consists of a highly qualified team studying and analyzing alternative investment opportunities, delivering reports that dictate when an investor should enter or exit certain transactions based on their research findings.

For example, the Capitalist Exploits article discusses the benefits of investing in farmland, which has outperformed stocks for decades. As farmers are getting older and fewer people want to take up this work method, there is a shortage that could lead to higher food prices- it’s worth considering these alternatives as investments because they can be more profitable than other options on the market!

Investors with any level of experience can take advantage of the service and make threefold returns or more.

  • Newsletter: They send an email every now and then with a condensed view of the discoveries they made.
  • Trade Alerts: Investors will receive tips and instructions by text message or email.
  • Community Forum: If you want to talk to more people, you can use a chat room with more than one hundred members. There are many discussions in this chat room about current strategies, opportunities, and more.
  • Webinar: Investors will have access to a room where they can learn about the best strategies and trends in the market.

Insider Weekly

Insider Weekly is a newsletter that will provide weekly updates on market trends and international investment recommendations. You can also find sections in the report about specific events, their potential effects on the markets, as well as useful tips, to invest wisely with your money online.

Resource Insider

This service recommends the best deals for people in the natural resources market. This team is led by Jamie Keech. He has been investing since five years ago and knows a lot about trends in the market. He reviews hundreds of opportunities so that you can choose only those that are good deals.

Jamie Keech invests in every opportunity he shares within the Capitalist Exploits service, aiming to share what is trending and informing all subscribed investors.

It is worth considering that in order to use the service, it is necessary to be an accredited investor.

Glenorchy Capital

With Glenorchy Capital, investors can choose from a list of sectors and industries they want to invest in. They then decide on the amount of capital that they are willing to put into their investment accounts. After this process is completed, it’s just letting experts do all the work!

Before applying for the service, investors must have an online brokerage account. An application needs to be filled and signed, giving consent to Capitalist Exploits using your funds in their strategies.

The webinars tell you about the changes that will happen to Glenorchy accounts and portfolios. They update portfolios publicly every month. When your account is a broker’s account, it belongs to you. You can always check it out.

Others/Free Content

They offer resources and tutorials for its users to be able to learn more every day. All investors also get one-on-one help with their investment strategies as well from the Capitalist Exploits team.

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Pros and Cons

As you spend a few days immersed in the Capitalist Exploits, you’ll find yourself drawn in by their claim: asymmetric trading, huge gains, tailored reports, access to experts.


  • Remarkable reputation
  • Monthly webinars to keep you updated.
  • If you revoke the order within 30 days, you will get your money back.
  • Exceptional customer service


  • No trial period.
  • A subscription fee has to be paid for a year before it starts.

What Capitalist Exploits Does Different

The company’s strategy not only focuses on analyzing individual high-yield opportunities but rather niche market trends. In this way, it’s easier to be aware of multiple opportunities in different markets or industries.

Here are some markets that they like. They might not be the most popular, but they are still a good place to find opportunities.


Despite the shipping industry being in a bad place because there are too many ships, they believe that long-term capital allocation could take advantage of the difference between supply and demand in this sector.

Shipping freight rates are still lower than they were in 2008, so it’s clear that the market is on the decline. However, the experts think there may be a bit of hope for this industry because routes with contracts to ship goods have the potential to see an explosion sometime soon.

The team has high hopes for this market. That is to say, they are optimistic about the rise in prices and believe that Pacific Basin Shipping’s performance will be bolstered by Asia’s expansion. They also expect a recovery from the global shipping industry slump we’ve been experiencing as of late.

Overall, the company warns people that they will have to wait a long time before investing in this market. They might not see any high-yield returns until a long time from now.


Energy markets are divided into two currents that support different types of energy sources right now. Capitalist Exploits doesn’t favor any of the two, but rather it analyzes their trends to adapt to advances in technology and shifting perceptions of the sources’ associated costs.

A particular investment opportunity that has often caught the eye of the company is Hydrogen. It’s due to these battery-powered vehicles also utilizing it as fuel, unlike other cars, which use large Lithium-Ion batteries instead.

Other commodities that are recommended to be bullish on by this company include Coal and Uranium. These materials are currently undervalued, according to the company’s projections; it is predicted they will increase in value soon as well.

The US Dollar

Capitalist Exploits is a company that monitors the Forex market, interest rates, and market volatility. They have a position in this market segment that is bullish.

People still invest in the USD because it is risk-free. Investors can buy T-bills or buy a fund called UUP. Even though the US has lowered interest rates, the USD is still better than other countries’ currencies. The USD does not rely on high volatility to earn money for investors.


Despite its volatility, this Cryptocurrency has become highly relevant in recent years. This is because it offers great opportunities in an environment characterized by the depreciation of legal currencies. In this sense, Capitalist Exploits have recommended at least a purchase of Bitcoin since 2014.

Natural Resources

The natural resources industry has been in decline for over eight years. The company is waiting until natural resources become very popular again, which will happen when the economy recovers and people have more money to spend on luxury items again.

It is good to have positions in natural resources because they can give you long-term benefits. Demographic changes, scarcity, and world economies will affect the sector. Gold is a good thing to invest in because it has been, and always will be, a refuge.

How Much Does it Cost?

Capitalist Exploits has three options you can invest in.

The price of the monthly Insider Weekly newsletter subscription is $35 per month. The trial period is $1 and runs for 30 days, which also subscribes you to automatic billing of $35 each month following that initial payment.

The Insider offers a yearly subscription of $1,999, which comes with a money-back guarantee.

However, anyone wishing to purchase a yearly subscription for the Resource Insider’s will be required to pay $4999.

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Is Capitalist Exploits Worth It?

They have made a mark in the financial world as a sophisticated investment service. The information Chris and the team provide is valuable for investors.

Many people want to learn how to trade. This company promises and often delivers huge gains on its newsletter picks each week. If you want to take your trading to the next level, then you should subscribe, and they will teach you many more ways of trading.

If you are looking for a good investment, then this company could turn your money into something much more valuable in no time.


Capitalist Exploits aims to equip investors with powerful tools to make informed investment decisions. The team takes the time necessary in order for you, as a potential investor, to gain an advantage over other competing traders and pros.

They have your best interest at heart by providing clear guidance on how to execute their ideas while keeping risks low due to concentrated efforts of filtering opportunities available across markets based on yields and risk factors.

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