Alaska Mint

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Alaska Mint

There are a lot of options when it comes to investing, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable investment option, consider the Alaska Mint. These coins are a great investment option for conservative adults who want to protect their money while earning a modest return on their investment. The Alaska Mint is also a good choice for retired employees who want to ensure that they have a nest egg saved up for retirement.

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What is Alaska Mint? Is this a Company You Can Trust?

What is Alaska Mint?

Alaska Mint is a family-operated business. They use the gold they obtained from placer miners and gold-bearing quartz that is mined deep underground to create and market gorgeous, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Even more so, the goods sold in their store have been produced either in-house or by one of their long-term jewelers.

When the owner moved from Alaska to Colorado, his business began. The creator of the firm worked as a “roughneck” on oil platforms and had saved enough money to start a little jewelry store after working as one for several years.

The owners are all jewelry experts who grew up in the industry and specialized in a distinct area of it.

They originally designed the medallions and artwork that they have been made outside of Alaska.

They began acquiring and assembling equipment to produce silver and gold medallions in 1990. They began with a single coin design. They currently have hundreds of dies.

Is Alaska Mint a scam?

Is Alaska Mint a hoax? Of course not. Alaska Mint is not a fraud. That’s confirmed by the ratings and reviews. Furthermore, the organization that provides excellent services and products is genuine.

However, if you want to establish an IRA account, you should seek different firms since Alaska Mint exclusively provides the services. It is not an IRA account in any sense of the word.

Alaska Mint Products & Services


  • Official Alaska State Medallions- Since 1992, the Alaska Mint has been producing these medallions. Each year, Alaskan artists offer their designs in an attempt to be chosen for the new medallion. They are produced in small quantities in pure gold, pure silver, and golden bronze.
  • Alaskan Theme Medallions- These medallions, which depict images of Alaska that Alaskans and visitors adore seeing, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Aviation & Railroad Medallions
  • Eagle & Raven Medallions
  • Christmas MedallionsIditarod & Fur Rondy Medallions and Merchandise
  • Marine Life Medallions
  • Wildlife Medallions
  • Newest Medallions (2021)
  • Proof-like Medallions


Alaska Mint produces beautiful jewelry for males and females, including gold and silver medallions.

They work with natural gold nuggets and gold-bearing quartz in the creation of jewelry.

  • · Ladies – They sell bracelets, charms, earrings, pendants for ladies, and rings for women.
  • Men’s – Men’s jewelry includes accessories, necklaces, rings, and money clips for guys.
  • Estate Jewelry – The Alaska Mint has a collection of vintage and estate jewelry as well.
  • Gold Quartz Jewelry – The rarest form of gold, which is also known as gold in quartz or gold-n-quartz, is utilized to create exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry. This gemstone is mined extensively and then polished to a brilliant sheen.
  • Gold Nugget Jewelry – Alaska Mint purchases unprocessed gold nuggets directly from miners in Alaska. Some of this gold is transformed into bespoke, organic, natural gold nugget jewelry. Natural Alaskan nuggets are composed of 18k to 22k pure gold.
  • Mammoth Ivory Jewelry – These are pieces of gold jewelry that miners discovered in Alaska.
  • Customized Jewelry – They also produce bespoke jewelry. Simply give them a call or send them an email.

Raw Gold

The company has an extensive collection of gold nuggets on sale, and buying and selling them is a regular occurrence.

Investment Gold and Silver

The Alaska Mint also allows you to invest in gold and silver. They have a variety of items, including silver and gold coins, bars, and bulk silver coins, at a significant discount.

Knives and Ulus

They have a wide selection of knives, including Alaskan Knives that are produced from high-quality materials such as Alaskan natural materials. Wood, caribou antler, walrus ivory, moose antler, ivory and teeth, mammoth bone, and stainless for the blade.


Alaska Mint also produces antique Alaskan gold nugget timepieces that are inspired by their Alaska Mint coin watches.

Unique Gifts for Kids, Women, and Men

The business also offers a variety of Alaskan presents, including rolling pins, carvings, trinket boxes, totems, pens, and Christmas ornaments.

How to Buy from Alaska Mint?

Alaska Mint has three options for customers to buy its products. You may call or email them, or you may use the toll-free number.

You may visit their store in Alaska Mint,429 West 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK, to see the items first-hand before determining whether or not you should purchase them.

You may also buy products online on its e-commerce website. It’s quite straightforward. You’ll go through the website and search for the product you want, starting with page one. Furthermore, the prices have already been displayed, which is excellent given that most precious metals firms do not give pricing information on their products.

After deciding, you may complete the checkout procedure and provide your information. You may also establish an account on their website to make shopping and transactions even easier. After you’ve paid, your purchases will be delivered to you.

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Does It Offer IRA Services?

Unfortunately, Alaska Mint is a precious metals dealer only, not an IRA custodian. It does, however, provide IRA-approved goods that may be used in your IRA account.

Alaska Mint Pros and Cons


  • For a lengthy period of time, they’ve been in operation.
  • Excellent reviews and ratings
  • The pricing information is stated on the website.
  • Can purchase online
  • Offers a wide variety of products


  • No IRA services offered
  • No BBB reviews
  • Not BBB accredited

Alaska Mint Ratings and Reviews

Alaska Mint has received excellent feedback and ratings online.

  • Facebook – 5 out of 5 with 24 reviews
  • TripAdvisor – 5 out of 5 with 17 reviews
  • Birdeye – 4.8 out of 5 with 36 reviews
  • Yelp – 4 out of 5 with 13 reviews
  • BBB – A+ but no rating and not BBB accredited. No reviews and complaints


Augusta Precious Metals

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Augusta Precious Metals is a family-run precious metals business that also provides gold IRA services. The owners of this firm are proud of their extensive experience, which allows them to serve their customers. Augusta Precious Metals, as a service-oriented business, is seen as a reliable partner to those seeking methods to acquire precious metals and store them in a precious metal IRA.

Augusta Precious Metals’ staff is dedicated to assisting investors from all walks of life in opening a self-directed IRA that may hold precious metals, which is something that other conventional IRAs do not allow.

This company helps its customers to diversify their retirement account. That is a good way to manage the risk that they might do something wrong and lose money, like when there’s inflation. They can buy gold and other metals from Augusta Precious Metals, so it will be safer than just keeping money in their bank account.

American Hartford Gold

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The American Hartford Gold Group is a family-managed firm engaged in the precious metals business, led by its CEO, Sanford Mann, and President, Scott Gerlis. This company, which is located in Los Angeles and formed in 2015, aims to assist customers in diversifying their assets and retirement plans with precious metals.

The American Hartford Gold Group can help individuals safeguard and enhance their retirement fund with staff, customer care, website, and publications.

The American Hartford Gold Group has a variety of products and services to offer. Mainly, it provides gold in the form of coins or bullion with other precious metals such as silver and platinum offered on top for those who need them too!



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Trevor Gerszt started Goldco in 2006. Trevor Gerszt set out to establish a firm that would assist each client in making sound financial decisions so they could retire comfortably and successfully. The company’s primary focus is assisting customers with rolling over existing retirement savings accounts, setting up new Precious Metals IRAs, or purchasing gold and silver coins and bullion for personal collections or investments.

The BBB has given Goldco an A+ rating, as well as a Triple-A ranking from the Business Consumer Alliance. They also have excellent ratings on review sites like Google and Trustpilot. Goldco’s excellent feedback and extremely pleased consumers may help you decide if it’s a good idea to give your business to Goldco and utilize them to assist you in investing in gold and silver.

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If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift that will last forever, then look no further than the Alaska Mint. They specialize in manufacturing pure silver and gold Alaskan medallions and unique gifts from all over the world. These mementos are sure to be cherished by any recipient as they serve as an everlasting reminder of your love or friendship with them.

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