Fast Five Trading Review

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Fast Five Trading Review

Welcome to Fast Five Trading Review. Fast Five Trading is a trading software that provides traders with the best opportunities in the market. This blog post will discuss Fast Five Trading Review, including what it does, its advantages, disadvantages, and if it is worth your money!

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What is Fast 5 Trades?

Fast 5 Trades is a stock alert program created especially for traders who have difficulties gauging market trends in both directions. If you’re wondering where the phrase “Fast 5” originated, it’s simply Kyle Dennis’ trading recommendations that he endorses.

He only gives one trade idea on Monday, but it has the potential to provide you outstanding yields five days later, i.e., on Friday. Each alert provides a buy-in price, a selling price, and a stop zone if things don’t go as planned.

Each week, Dennis develops the selections utilizing a proven technique that analyzes market trends in Biotech trading. Kyle came up with an innovative approach to generate outstanding returns after simply looking at prior patterns. Then, to communicate this information to subscribers of the service, he uses the Fast five alerts.

How Fast Five Trades Works

Who is Kyle Dennis?

The tale of Kyle Dennis starts in a similar manner. He graduated from UCLA with $80,000 in debt and just $15,000 in savings.

He was fortunate enough to get a decent position in real estate, but the appeal of stock trading – a pastime he picked up in college – couldn’t be more apparent.

He had turned a $15,000 investment into $3.8 million in just three years. He had a propensity to find patterns in specific areas of the stock market and then capitalize on it with long-term development.

Kyle has continued to master his craft in the stock market, under the tutelage of Jason Bond, and now offers consumers a variety of night-daily alert services.

His work at demonstrates his commitment to educating in addition to trading. He has written various books on the subject of trading and also hosts webinars and newsletters to assist people in developing their money.

What You Get in the Program

You should be aware that this service isn’t exclusively a stock-picking service. It includes a number of capabilities that a day trader might find useful.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the essential characteristics of Fast 5 Trades.

Monday Morning Stock Alert

This is the program’s primary feature. Each Monday morning, the service sends you the top stock picks for the week. The notifications are sent as emails and text messages, and they arrive shortly before the markets open.

In these alerts, you’ll get all of the important information you need, including what to buy, the purchase price, the selling point, and where to exit your trade to minimize losses. Kyle predicts that you will make net gains of 10% to 50% depending on how quickly you take them.

Kyle, on the other hand, does not provide a sell alert, which no one understands. As a result, you are solely responsible for your decision to sell.

Kyle Dennis Free Webinar

Kyle discovered that he enjoyed educating, and one of the ways he uses his passion for teaching to benefit others is through his free webinar. The great thing about this webinar is that you don’t have to invest anything to watch it. Furthermore, the information isn’t something that you would expect to find for free.

Kyle’s webinar is jam-packed with practical hints and methods that he has developed throughout the previous seven years. Kyle also explains how he determines his Monday stock recommendations in addition to providing information on how to perfect consistent trades. However, remember that he is after companies with a track record of outstanding growth and at least one product or service generating interest on Wall Street.

Training Academy and Training Guides

After you join up for this service, you will get access to stock market education. The Training guide is the first thing you receive, which connects you to three ebooks written by Dennis himself. They include:

  • The $2.9 million
  • 7 Deadly Trading Sins
  • Middle-Class Millionaire

The Training academy, which is more interesting since it includes links to 68 webinars on a wide range of useful subjects, has been discovered. They (topics) include:

  • Day trading
  • Catalyst trading
  • Trading psychology
  • Options trading
  • Trading platform setup
  • Catalyst trading

You, as a subscriber, would have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal to help you better understand the many elements of the market and trading techniques involved with the webinar recordings.

Stock Options Course

Fast 5 Trades is part of the Raging Bull services, which you may infer from the name. So, if you sign up for the service, you will get access to a course called Stock Options Explained by Jeff Bishop.

This is a narrated options course with 22 lessons that go through almost everything there is to know about options trading. Video, text, chart, and graph presentations are simple to understand formats that might help you figure out the perplexing world of options trading.

The Customer Support

Customer service is an area where many competing platforms to Fast 5 Trades frequently fall short. When it comes to customer support, however, what this program has accomplished is remarkable. Here, you have a single body of Raging Bull, composed of Jeff Bishop, Kyle Dennis, and Jason Bond, who are all dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

If you have any questions about membership or technical concerns, you may contact the staff by email, phone, or live chat. These three individuals’ experience indicates that nothing is too difficult for them to manage.

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Fast Five Styles of Trading

On smaller companies in biotechnology and technology, Swing Trading with Kyle Dennis is based on a swing trading approach. He will search for technical setups based on price action and momentum and news catalysts to help temper overnight holds.

Dennis looks for liquidity using high-probability pattern setups that examine trends, support and resistance prices, and relative volume levels. The stock selections are based on allowing 5-days for the trades to play out, leading to the activation of profit or loss stops. Kyle Dennis runs Fast Five Trading, one of many trading services offered by RagingBull.


Buying long-on breakouts that occur at resistance key price points is one way to trade setups, and buying long-on pullbacks to important support levels is another. Many technical criteria are considered in the breakouts. Individual traders have complete control over their trading positions.

Beginners should keep allocation sizes modest until they become familiar with the pattern setups and the stock’s underlying behavior. Because the major part of the underlying stocks is small caps, it’s critical to be aware of liquidity and not take overly big positions.

Trading Courses

Dennis offers a free 5-minute “Boot Camp” just to register, which gives an overview of his own trading methods and the service. Subscribers to the service have access to more self-paced training materials, including over 50 webinar recordings.

The content is appropriate for newcomers and provides a solid basis for learning the basics concepts and hazards of trading. As with any self-paced training program, the user is responsible for making an effort to learn.


Subscribers may use intraday time frames to scalp price changes. However, Dennis thinks that swing trading for up to 5 days is preferable in order for the transactions to come to fruition. The stock alert is sent out as an email newsletter and text message alert on Monday mornings, with the option to act until Friday. This is a 5-day profit cycle in which the process is essentially consistent and simple.

Pros & Cons


  • Packed with a lot of educational information
  • Kyle Dennis, a well-known stock trader, created it.
  • To know the greatest stocks to trade, you don’t need any prior knowledge.
  • You’re only dealing with one stock pick, so there’s less risk of confusion.
  • You may test the market with little money by investing in low-cap stocks.


  • Some people have had difficulties locating the stock at Kyle’s recommended purchase price.
  • Kyle’s actual gains and losses are difficult to verify.

Fast 5 Trades Pricing & Plans

Fast 5 Trades is often considered one of the most cost-effective stock trading platforms available. Furthermore, the selection of payment alternatives is very simple. If you opt for a one-year membership at $197 per year or $297 for a two-year subscription, you will get access to every feature for a whole year.

There are also lifetime membership options, which include an upfront payment of $397. If you do some quick computation, you’ll find that your yearly payments amount to roughly $16.50 per month. When you factor in everything this service has to offer, beginning with the training through the stock picks, it’s clear that this cost is a steal.

Let’s speak about the money-back guarantee as well. Fast 5 Trades provides a 30-day full refund policy. To put it another way, you have approximately a month to test out the program’s many features without making any financial commitment.

Who is the Program Most Ideal For?

The educational component of the service is excellent for both novice and experienced traders. Newcomers are given a wealth of instructional material on a number of trading topics, such as risk management, pattern recognition, and psychology.

The weekly single stock pick, which is simple to use and comes with price ranges for buys, stops, and information and nuances about the company and times to consider making trades, will be useful to seasoned traders.

Beginners should seize the opportunity to learn from the wealth of educational information and may easily make the mistake of diving straight into stock picks without a basic understanding of trading, which might result in turning gains into losses or becoming a bag holder.

Users who prefer intraday methods to manage any overnight risk may naturally choose to utilize intraday techniques in place of the swing trade.

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If you are looking for something that provides valuable stock tips and considerable educational content, Fast 5 Trades is what you need. They offer an easy-to-use mobile app so you can access their services on the go. This makes it easier than ever before to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the financial world.

It’s extremely low-cost, and the training provided by the program should be enough to help you improve your trading abilities to the same level as Kyle Dennis or Jeff Bishop, who are industry gurus.

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