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Gramercy Gold

Gramercy Gold is one of the most popular precious metals investment companies in the United States. They trade a wide variety of services, including gold and silver investments, storage, and more. Gramercy Gold is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company to invest your money in, Gramercy Gold is a great choice!

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Gramercy Gold Review: Will they be your new investing platform?

What is Gramercy Gold?

Gramercy Gold is a gold dealer in Gramercy, Manhattan. It is a family-owned business that helps clients with financial planning and sells and collects gold.

The company sells gold and silver nationally. They are also on the cutting margin of alternative investments by offering Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Altcoins for your IRA and the surface of it. This company has been existing for a long time and has experience with multiple generations.

Gramercy Gold works with all types of clients. They understand that everyone is different, but the thing that all their clients have in common is that they can benefit from owning cryptocurrency, gold, or other precious metals.

Products and Services of Gramercy Gold

Bitcoin IRA

You can easily set up a Bitcoin IRA. You can put in unlimited amounts of money without any tax implications as long as you are taking money out of an existing retirement account.

Bitcoin had a really good year in 2017. Its value increased by more than 1,000%. This increase is much higher than what you would see in other types of investments, like the S&P 500 or a folder of stocks and bonds.

People are moving into virtual currency every day to make more money. They are getting handsomely rewarded for it. You can rollover money from any retirement account without paying any taxes. This includes money that you already have saved in an IRA account or any other type of retirement account.

Gold IRA

An IRA is a common abbreviation for an account that people use to save for retirement. An IRA is a savings account (normally an investment account) that people use to save money for when they are older and do not have to work anymore.

A gold IRA is just like any other IRA, except that you invest in gold. Gold is a hard asset, which means it is something that has real value. You can’t invest in a gold fund or a gold derivative, but you can invest in physical gold.

In addition, like with any other IRA account, any contribution you make to a Gold IRA account is tax-break.
There is no cutback to the amount of money that can grow in your Gold IRA. Money saved in a Gold IRA is tax-deferred until you take it out. This makes saving money for a Gold IRA a tax-advantaged way to save when compared to other types of accounts.

Precious Metals

  • Gold Bars

One-ounce gold bars are popular among investors who trade in gold. Gold is traded in denominations of 1 ounce, so people from all over the world understand and recognize its value.

A ten-ounce gold bar is much more valuable than a one-ounce gold bar. This is because there is more gold in a ten-ounce gold bar. But even though they are more valuable, they are still very compact.

One-gram gold bars are small and very useful. They are the size of a microchip and have the same value as 0.0321507 troy ounces of gold.

  • Gold Coins

The Gold American Buffalo coin is the initial 24-karat gold coin made by the US Mint. It is a pure gold coin with no alloys.

The Britannia Coin of .9999 fine Gold is a great investment for anyone. The Gold Bullion Britannia Coin is obtainable in dimensions from one-tenth of a troy ounce to five-ounce.

The Gold Chinese Panda coin has a Panda on one side and the Temple of Heaven on the other. The Pandas have been a symbol of peace and humbleness due to their usually docile behavior. They have eminent the Gold Chinese Panda coin from other countries’ outlines.

  • Silver Bars and Coins

10-ounce silver bars are stamped in the United States and all over the world. 10-ounce silver bars are a good investment because you can get them for a low price compared to the price of silver.

Silver Australian Koala coins have a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on them. The sculptor who made the portrait is called Ian Rank-Broadley. He is one of the foremost sculptors operating today.

Silver bullion coins, essentially the Silver American Eagle, which was first introduced by the U.S. government in 1986, have become one of the most popular ways to invest in silver bullion.

What I LIKE About Gramercy Gold

Promised the Lowest Price

Gramercy Gold offers the most competitive prices in the industry. They save by getting gold from the largest and most efficient commercial suppliers.

Simple Process and Website

The website is straightforward and easy to utilize. It includes all the information you need to know.


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What I HATE About Gramercy Gold

 ➤   Limited Reviews

Some people say that there are no reviews of Gramercy Gold from past customers. This might mean that it is not a real company. This is one of the things you should look into if you are thinking about doing business with them. Just like we look at reviews online before buying something, we should also look at reviews of companies before investing in them.

 ➤   Not Accredited by Trusted Websites and Known Precious Metals Organizations

The company is not ascribed by different review websites like BBB, Trustpilot, etc. So you should be careful before giving them your money.

 ➤  Not an E-commerce Website

Gramercy Gold does not have an e-commerce website. They are more traditional, and you have to call them and put the order through by phone call.

Is Gramercy Gold a SCAM?

Well, let’s grant the company the benefit of the doubt and say that they are not a scam. However, they did not mention who owns the company or any other important details. There are also no reviews or accreditation available.




4.5 star

Star Rating

Goldco is a precious metal investment company that has become very popular among investors. The company has been reviewed thoroughly and is considered one of the best in the field. It is essential to understand how the company works before investing your money. Goldco is based in California and follows the existing US laws. You will put money into gold or silver bullion with this option. This way, you can roll all or part of your retirement savings into these metals.

Bearlakegold recommends that you don’t put all of your retirement money into one type of investment. This includes putting all of your retirement savings into precious metals, stocks, or any other kind of investment.

Goldco is registered in California and follows the privacy laws of that state. The company has also been certified as ADA compliant. Goldco has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and it has an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. Goldco has received recognition from the INC 5000 for five years in a row. The site follows IRS guidelines. Many investors have worked with this company, and most of them have had positive experiences with the platform. Goldco has a 91% success rate with its clients, as rated by Trustpilot. The company averages 4.8 stars on the review site.

The company partnered with Ron Paul in 2017 to educate investors on the importance of protecting their investment accounts. This gives the company more legitimacy.

American Hartford Gold

4.8 star

Star Rating

American Hartford Gold is a company that buys and sells gold. It was founded in 2015 and is based in Los Angeles, California. The current CEO of American Hartford Gold is Sanford Mann, and the current president is Scott Gerlis.

American Hartford Gold helps people invest in valuable metals, like gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars. They also offer an innovative way to invest in precious metals through a particular retirement account. The company delivers precious metals to its clients’ doorsteps. They also supply precious metal investments to individual retirement accounts, such as an IRA, 401(k), and TSP.

American Hartford Gold has a lot of positive reviews from many reliable companies. The company has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). The company also has good ratings from TrustLink and TrustPilot.

Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals has many positive reviews from past customers. You can look at assessment sites like Google and Facebook to see what people have said about Augusta Precious Metals. People usually talk about the good things, like how they got a good deal or significant experience.

However, you don’t have to depend only on reviews from past clients to know that Augusta Precious Metals is reputable. Augusta Precious Metals has high ratings from business review companies. The Better Business Bureau handed them an A+ rating, and the Business Consumer Alliance gave them a Triple-A rating, their highest rating.

Augusta Precious Metals outlines seven points on their website that they believe make them obtrude from other companies, making them a top choice for individuals looking to invest in precious metals.

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Gramercy Gold is a precious metal and IRA service, provider. They offer a wide variety of gold and silver products for investors who are looking to add these commodities to their portfolios. If you’re interested in learning more about Gramercy Gold or purchasing precious metals from them, make sure to check out their site or give them a call.

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