Best Silver Stocks

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Best Silver Stocks

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The Best Silver Stocks are designed to provide investors with exposure to the silver market. The Best Silver Stocks invest in stocks that have a high weighting of silver within their portfolio or offer direct investment opportunities in physical silver.

Best Silver Stocks Review

Fortuna Silver

Star Rating

There is a 1.220% increase in the price of Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. from yesterday to today. People are feeling very good about this company right now and think it will go up even more because there are five people who think it will go up more and 0 people who think it won’t.

This company’s stock is worth 147.253% more than it is now. If you buy this, you could double the price of your investment in the future. Users think that the “Worthwhile Investment for the next few years” is a good thing. They also think that “Non-cyclic/Cyclic” could be a problem in the future.


  • Growth compared to the competition
  • Brand
  • Conscious of the environment


  • Worthwhile Investment for the next years
  • Shareholder structure
  • Market Position

First Majestic

Star Rating

First, Majestic owns four mines. These are the San Dimas Silver/Gold Mine, the Jerritt Canyon Gold Mine, the Santa Elena Silver/Gold Mine, and the La Encantada Silver Mine.

The San Dimas Silver/Gold Mine is 130 kilometers northwest of Durango, Durango State, Mexico. It consists of 71,868 hectares of mining claims in the states of Durango and Sinaloa. San Dimas is a silver mine in Mexico. This mine has existed for more than 250 years. There are many mines, but this one is the largest one of them all. It makes silver and gold bars which are put on trucks to go to different places around the world.

The mine can be found by flying to Durango International Airport and then traveling to the town of Tayoltita. The flight takes 40 minutes. The Jerritt Canyon Gold Mine is in Elko County, Nevada. It was discovered in 1972 and started producing gold in 1981. Since then, it has produced over 9.7 million ounces of gold!


  • An investment could be very good if it pays more than 20% of the money that you give to it.
  • Revenue growth >5% per year expected
  • EBIT growth > 30% per year expected


  • Sustainability is not important.


Star Rating

Wheaton Precious Metals is one of the hugest precious metals streaming companies in the world. The Company has set foot into contract to buy all or a part of the precious metals or cobalt production from excellent mines for an advance payment and an additional remittance upon delivery of the metal.

Wheaton currently has streaming accords for 23 operating mines and eight development stage projects. The Company’s production profile is operated by a portfolio of low-cost, long-life assets, including a gold stream on Vale’s Salobo mine and a silver stream on Newmont’s Peñasquito mine.


  • Wheaton Precious Metals is one of the finest companies in the world for buying gold, silver, and other metals. It is also in British Columbia.
  • The company has a lot of money. They have over $ 20 billion in total assets.
  • The Motley Fool and Berkshire Hathaway, which are top advisors, recommend Wheaton Precious Metals.
  • People fund precious metals because they are safe.
  • A company that streams metals can produce a steady income.
  • Predictable costs reduce the risk of shareholders. It allows people to increase their share value.


  • Gold and silver are safe investments. But they don’t offer the same protection as buying stock in a mining or streaming company. Gold and other precious metals have risen in price, and stocks can go down quickly.
  • The precious metals sector is usually fairly volatile. This means that you will need to be willing to take risks.
  • Mining companies must keep talking to governments and indigenous groups, or they will stop doing business.
  • Mining streaming companies face some risks that are different from other companies. They worry about problems with their country, like wars, and they worry about price fluctuations.

Pan American

Star Rating

Tahoe Resources Inc. faced tough questions about a decision by its board to support a US$1.07 billion purchase bid from Pan American Silver Corp. One analyst and shareholder said during a conference call on Nov 14 that he intends to vote against the deal.

Pan American Silver wants to buy Tahoe Resources. Pan American Silver is a company that makes money from silver. It plans to buy Tahoe Resources in a cash-and-stock deal, but only if the Guatemala mine works properly. The company lost its rights to mine at the mine. That means they did not have enough money to keep mining. So the company said it did not have enough money and couldn’t do anything about it – that is called force majeure.

After the court decision, the mine now needs to have more community consultation with indigenous people. They also need to re-approve it before it can start again.

The Escobal woes have made the company’s share price go down. The company had a share price before the deal was announced, and it was trading at a tenth of its worth four years ago.

Pros and Cons

A lot of people think that the 34.9% premium on offer is significant. They also think that Ross’s bid for this company is a coup because he has successfully built several companies in the mining sector before.

“Ross Beaty has good timing.” said one gold mining analyst who preferred not to be named. “Silver hit a new low on Nov 13th, so he could have great timing.”

This company needs to be part of a bigger company. They need more people and money. Tahoe Resources is selling at the bottom, but they still got a good premium from us.

Mining investor Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc. took a similar view.

Silver-Corp Metals

Star Rating

Silvercorp is a company that produces silver. They also produce lead and zinc. Their goal is to build a profit for the company through good management, growing their company, and buying other companies. Silvercorp makes sure that people are happy. They also want to make money, but they are also working on being environmentally friendly.

Pros and Cons

The company is not just an inexpensive producer of silver. The production cost of Silvercorp was recently negative, meaning that the company actually makes a profit with each bit of silver it produces. This company is able to trade its products because it has silver, lead, and zinc. When you mine for these minerals, you get materials that are worth money too. These materials make up close to half of the company’s revenue.

A dividend is a payment that a company pays to its shareholders. It is money that the company gives back to people who are holding shares of the company. A dividend shows that the company has enough money and wants its stockholders to have it too. The rich companies do not want to stop paying dividends. They want to set them at a level that they can afford and that will last.

Even if you don’t want to sell Silvercorp, many people already have. Short-selling made the stock price go down last year by a lot. Short-sellers often have reasons to dislike a company, but in Silvercorp’s case, it looks like most of the negativity is untrue.

Silver Stocks: What Investors Need to Know

The silver miners’ stocks have mostly been staying at one level since last summer. They’ve had some quick but small hikes. Those hikes were in a time when nothing was changing, and the stocks were just moving sideways. People don’t like this small group of stocks.

They are not popular, and people do not buy them. But recently, silver stocks reported their financial and operating results for the first quarter of this year. Those results showed that they were still good and had a lot of upside potential.

There are not many major silver miners in the world. There are only a few that are primary producers of silver. They get most of their money from silver.

Silver stocks have floated up and down since early August. They have tried to go up, but they are not really getting there yet. Speculators and investors are still involved in this sector that is not well known. They were interested in this sector a lot. That made the company’s stock go up by 23.9%!

That is when the famous “Wallstreetbets” forum on Reddit was starting to talk about how they could cause a short squeeze in silver by buying lots of it. At the time, They wrote an essay about that. The event was interesting and proved that investors would buy silver and stocks of companies mining silver. But then SIL started to go down again until March, which made me sad.

SIL is the abbreviation for Silver stocks. SIL stocks had gone down until they started to recover, which is like when gold stocks went up. SIL stock prices increased by 18.7% in six weeks to 45.97 dollars each (by mid-May). While gold stocks lagged in Q1, it is still a good time to buy. The price of SIL actually fell 12.5% even with the Reddit spike, which has made many people think that it is not a good investment.

How is Silver Traded?

You can trade silver in many ways. Silver futures, spot prices, shares, and ETFs are common. If the market proceeds in the direction you predicted, you will make more money. If it does not go your way, you will lose more money.

Before you find out what the highest silver price ever was, it’s worth looking at how the metal is traded. Understanding the mechanics of silver trading in terms of how it changes hands can be functional in discerning why and how its price changes.

Silver bullion is merchandised in cents or dollars per ounce. There are advertisements all over the world where it happens. This means that there is always a live silver price. People trade silver in markets all over the world. London is a place where people do a lot of trading with physical silver, and New York has a part of the market called COMEX, where people trade paper contracts to buy and sell silver.

There are two methods you can invest in silver. One way is to buy silver bullion products such as bullion coins, bars, and rounds. If you want to invest in silver, it is done through the spot market. Buyers pay for a specific amount of silver per ounce and then have their order delivered straight away.

Another way to make money is by trading on the futures market, where you buy and sell contracts for things that will happen in the future. In these contracts, there are two sides: a long side and a short side. The long side accepts metal and the short side provides it.

Paper trading is an investment in which you are not actually buying anything. It is a good way to get flexibility with your investments. That way, you can also trade stocks and not only have silver.

Historical Silver Price Action

At the end of the 1970s, silver was $48.70 an ounce. The price of silver is high right now.

However, the purchase price did not reach that level by honest means. As Investopedia describes, the metal’s bid price was driven by two rich people who tried to buy it. They bought not only silver but also silver futures. They took silver instead of cash money. They only got silver and not the other thing. And then they had a problem: They missed a call to pay, and things changed.

On 27 March 1980, the price fell to $11. Despite the price going up, it wouldn’t get that high again until 2011. The price went up because of investment demand in silver, and the average price in 2009 was $14.67. The chart below shows the price of silver from January 2011 up to August 2021. The price reached US$47.94 in April 2011 before it started to go down.

The chart shows the current upward trend in the silver price. It is being caused by economic uncertainty from having a pandemic from COVID-19. The price of silver broke through the key US$26 level in early August 2020 and soon after tested the US$30 level.

The silver cost has fallen to the US$23 level. It’s hard to know when it will go back up. But Collin Plume, the CEO of Noble Gold Investments, said that he wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up to $40 in the next 12-18 months because of rising investment demand and shortages in industrial supply.

How to Buy Silver Stocks

Talk to a Full-service Brokerage


Full-service brokers offer many services. They can help you find a home or provide research on the market. But they do charge more for their service. Brokers are paid when you trade. A full-service broker is a good thing if you need financial advice or if you don’t have much experience investing.

The full-service broker should have knowledge of trading silver and other commodities.


Investigate Discount Brokerages


These brokerages do not offer investment advice. Their job is to execute trades, not give financial advice. They offer fewer products and charge lower fees than full-service brokerages. Commission means you get paid more if the person buying your home is happy. But if they are not, you don’t get anything. With a discount broker, you are paid a fixed amount of money for every trade. This way, no matter what happens with the sale of your home, you will always be compensated.

If you like investing, or feel like you can learn about it, then a discount brokerage might be for you.


Manage your Own Online Brokerage Account


With this type of account, you will have access to your account 24/7. You can also manage transactions yourself online. The drawback is that you will have to watch the markets for when it’s the right time to buy and sell things.


Place your Order


Once you have chosen a broker to use and which stocks to buy, tell the broker how many shares of those stocks you want. Make sure you give instructions about what you want the broker to do. You can tell the broker if you want to buy shares at the market, or you can tell them what price. Buying at the market means that the share will be bought at the price of other shares in the market. Buying at a limit means that they will only buy only when the share is below a certain price.


Diversify your Portfolio


When you buy stocks, it is important to make sure that you are safe. To do this, the best thing to do is diversify your holdings. For example, if you invest in silver stocks already, then it would be good for you to buy more of them or even different types of silver stocks. This can mean investing in different things. For example, you might invest in silver mining companies or buy stock shares or ETFs of companies that are located in different countries.

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Is Investing in Silver Stocks Right For You?

Silver is a metal that many people want to buy for both their homes and their business. Silver can conduct electricity better than any other metal, so it is used in electric things. More than half of the requests for silver come from the industrial sector, unlike gold, which is mostly used as an investment.

Silver is also valued by investors. It has an investment characteristic like gold. Silver can be a safe-haven metal to help people keep their money if the economy becomes bad.


Investing in silver stocks can be an excellent way to take advantage of the current demand for silver without needing to buy or store physical metal. Silver companies often pursue profitable growth opportunities that enable them to generate profits above the price increase of silver itself, which is why many investors choose not to own physical metals like coins and bars. Add some of these best-in-class stocks to your portfolio today!

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