New Direction Trust Company Reviews

New Direction Trust Company

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The perfect investment portfolio is possible with the best investment firm. However, it can be challenging if one does not know where to find them.

Read one of the New Direction Trust Company reviews like this to see if it deserves a place as one of the reputable wealth companies now!

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What Is New Direction Trust Company?

New Direction Trust Company is a remarkable and trusted provider of Health Saving Accounts (HSAs) and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). It is a trusted company with a solid executive team that provides its investors with all account and investment opportunities.

In addition, this firm is one of the finest self-directed IRA providers, with excellent customer ratings and reviews across various online platforms. New Direction Trust Company is proud to provide flexible alternatives to all investors.

The company’s prices align with most of its competitors in the precious metals industry. They provide their clients with fees based on their account values, a combination of annual administration fees, or costs based on the number of assets they own.

Having all those investment and fee options, account owners can sense where New Direction Trust Company is going and how they will effectively manage all the client’s funds.


It is wise and highly recommended to look at both the optimistic and the pessimistic sides and compare them against each other to see a better overall view of a company. Look at the comparison between the company’s pros and cons.

  • Amount of Time in the Industry

NDTCO has served its clients for over a decade. With this number, it is hard to ignore that they have already built a good relationship with their clients for far longer than other IRA providers.

Moreover, their company agents provide essential educational information to potential investors about its products and online services. They stay in the investment game because they always offer maximum support to their investors, both possible and already-clients.

  • Fantastic BBB Rating

Most investors always check the company’s reputation on BBB. Fortunately, New Direction Trust holds an A+ rating with BBB, which means investors can rest assured that they can trust the company with their retirement savings IRA accounts.

Having an A+ rating with BBB and other reputable review sites is a mark of excellence in a business firm’s quality of products and services and its ability to resolve customer complaints.

  • Quick Processing

All of the company’s trades are put in a timeous manner, taking away client worries. The funding and deliveries are always on time, plus they also have considerable IRA fees. Also, they assure customers once their orders have gone through their system.


  • Minimal Company Information

The company provides its potential clients with an information packet that includes DVDs before investing their money to know how the investment procedure works. However, they need to provide in-depth information about its history and background.

Such information is vital for potential NDTCO clients since they need to know if they are dealing with a legitimate and trusted gold IRA company. After all, everyone should choose an investment company worth the money.

  • Lacks Authority Ratings on Other Websites

Although the company maintains its A+ rating on BBB, it does not mean it is the right investment firm for everyone to work with. The company has no current ratings and reviews on other esteemed sources, such as Trustlink and BCA.

Aside from BBB, the websites mentioned above are what most investors look for before choosing which company they want to settle in.

New Direction Trust Company Customer Reviews

Clients must always take customer reviews with a grain of salt. That is because of platforms like the Better Business Bureau. Some customers who reach out have complaints. While on other review outlets, like Google business profiles, the thoughts are generally more positive.

Most people have trust issues with investment companies. But just like other IRA providers, New Direction Trust Company holds tons of flattering and negative reviews across various websites.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates New Direction Trust Company a five-star rating and lists them as having been in the financial industry for 16 years. This results in the company maintaining an A+ rating.

Moreover, it makes sense that New Direction Trust Company gained a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Google Reviews, with over 200 comments making up for that totality. That impressive number places them among the best when matched with other IRA providers.

With all the positive reviews, NDTCO can also get low and negative ratings. Yelp, another online review website, has only accumulated 33 reviews from the company with only a 2.5-star rating out of five.

Overall, the reviews say that New Direction Trust Company is a legit and reputable company to consider. They might be best for individuals searching for a gold IRA company to satisfy their self directed IRA essentials.

How Does It Work?

New Direction Trust Company offers willing retirement investors ways to access their products and trust services. The investors can take their time browsing all investment types listed on the website, after which they can download the investment guides for each asset.

For clarification, investors can hit the “Contact an Expert” button on the website to summon a New Direction Trust Company representative who will take them through the company’s product and service offerings.

After the meeting of minds regarding the investment product, the precious metal IRA investors must fund it first to begin the investment process. Do not hesitate to contact them to know how the company goes about its activities.

New Direction Trust Company’s Management Team and Board of Directors

What is fascinating about New Direction Trust Company is that it has just as many female leaders as male ones. This is an infrequent occurrence in the industry, especially in business and finance, as men usually dominate them.

Catherine Wyne (Principal and Co-Founder)

Catherine Wyne is an expert in the IRS rules for individual retirement accounts investments. Her extensive personal experience and expertise as a real estate investor and syndicator greatly benefited NDTCO clients.

On top of that, Wyne has teaching credentials in various prestigious universities, including the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver Law School. She teaches multiple continuing courses for attorneys, CPAs, and real estate brokers.

Bill Humphrey (Principal and Co-Founder)

A seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Bill Humphrey has focused on auditing, forensic accounting, income tax, and tax-related real estate issues for about 20 years. His expertise draws upon his daily job running the New Direction Trust Company.

Humphrey’s fondness for teaching and steadfast desire to empower their clients to invest in their company fueled his mission to make self-directed accounts more modern, intuitive, and digitally powered.

Kevin Dodson (Chief Executive Officer)

As CFO, Kevin Dodson is responsible for determining and aligning all client service operations, marketing, and technology movements with the overall strategic investing goals of New Direction Trust Company. He oversees and ensures the alignment of NDTCO’s internal and external activities according to the priorities set by the founders and board of directors.

Moreover, it is Dodson’s personal goal for NDTCO to encourage a more empowered, compassionate, and fun culture that will continue to sustain the clients’ high-class experience.

Aaron Benway (Chief Revenue Officer)

Aaron Benway is in charge of the sales, marketing, and strategy at New Direction Trust Company and identifies potential growth spots and aligns marketing and sales, achieving company objectives. Benaway is a certified financial planner and an investment adviser representative.

Moreover, he was the Chief Financial Officer of HelloWallet — a VC-backed fintech startup centered on budgeting and financial wellness. Benway was also an investor in a small buyout and growth equity team at The Carlyle Group.

Jessica Brooks (Vice President, NDTCO Institutional)

As VP, Jessica Brooks builds the company’s operations to support NDTCO’s institutional services clients. She is also responsible for optimizing client experience.

After getting her degree in finance in 2009, Jessica Brooks began her career with New Direction Trust Company. Since then, Brooks has held over six positions in the company, each focusing on enhancing the company’s long-term operational experience.

Nikki Sisneros (Vice President, Trust Accounting)

Nikki Sisneros has worked in the industry for about 20 years, making her a financial services veteran. Before making a name in the New Direction Trust Company, she worked for Colorado Business Bank and 1stBank.

As the Vice President of Trust Accounting, she oversees the company’s operational side, ensuring clients’ asset management and transactions run as smoothly as possible.

What Does New Direction IRA Offer?

The New Direction Trust Company’s primary objective is to supply investors with scholarly information and guide them to their successful investment journey. In addition, they want their clients to have the best possible return on investment so they can enjoy life during retirement.

The company’s IRA specializes in different investment options for its clients. They can add private equity to their self directed IRAs or allow New Direction Trust Company to take care of their investment portfolio.

Allowing the company to handle the portfolio is especially practical if the client lacks knowledge and experience in individual retirement accounts and other precious metals investments. Worry less because New Direction Trust Company will provide precise information to educate investors before buying assets.

Besides offering traditional IRAs, NDTCO provides a Roth IRA to its customers. It implies that clients can be the regulator of their tax-free retirement accounts. However, it is up to them if they prefer to put their funds into other alternative investments.

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New Direction IRA Products and Prices

New Direction IRA offers unique services, such as self directed IRAs. This financial option lets clients invest in various attractive alternative assets, precious metals, and real estate within their individual retirement accounts.

NDTCO clients will have access to a web portal called myDirection that they can utilize to set up their precious metals IRA. Once they have established their accounts, it is time to choose First State Depository as their self directed IRA depository.

Further, New Direction Trust Company IRA’s annual fees do not include the cost of holding the client’s precious metals. Aside from paying the investment firm, the account holder must spend on storage costs and annual administration fees.

Clients may choose from one of the IRS-certified depositories to ensure the security of their valuable assets. Such assets are kept for safekeeping until investors decide to withdraw their precious metal investments.

Note that NDTCO charges clients with a sliding scale annual fee involved by their precious metals account balance. This is something to consider since other custodial services tab a low flat yearly cost rate with the storage fee.

Investing Account Options at New Direction Trust Company

Interestingly, New Direction Trust Company offers all types of accounts clients might be prying on regarding their retirement planning. New Direction IRA offers prominent accounts to add value to a client’s investment portfolio. It includes the following:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Solo 401 (K)
  • Inheritance IRA
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)

Traditional and Roth IRA accounts are for individuals wanting to save for their own retirement. Opting for the traditional IRA means getting revenue tax write-offs during contributing years and disbursing taxes upon withdrawals.

On the other hand, going for a Roth IRA means not taking any tariff write-offs during contributing years and not paying revenue tax upon withdrawing their investments. This is ideal for those who have less concern about being included in a high-income tax bracket upon retirement.

401 (K) plans, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, are practically for businesses that desire to help by contributing to employee programs and employees that want their bosses’ assistance in planning and future retirement savings.

Solo 401 (K) plans are for larger organizations because their management fees are much higher. Alternatively, SEPs may be a good option for self-employed investors running their enterprises, and SIMPLE IRAs are for firms with fewer than a hundred workers.

Lastly, Inheritance IRAs are for those looking to take advantage of individual retirement funds passed down to them from departed relatives. Fortunately, New Direction Trust Company offers this investment account option since only some IRA providers have this service.

Any qualified investors who wish to set up any of the retirement accounts mentioned above may access the New Direction Trust Company for its self directed IRA custodial services. Potential clients can check more account information regarding this matter on their website.

Investment Options at New Direction Trust Company

Choosing a suitable gold IRA company or gold IRA custodian can take time and effort, given the strategic importance of a Gold individual retirement account. However, NDTCO clients can skip the complex process and easily browse their options.

NDTCO offers many similar investing alternatives as other providers. Clients have the option to choose from the following:

  • Real Estate Investments
  • Precious Metal Investments
  • Checkbook IRA Investments
  • Private Equity Investments
  • Other Investments

Real Estate Investing

This investment option is one of the biggest motivations for investors to go for a self directed IRA account. New Direction Trust Company allows clients to profit not only from the appraisal of an asset but also from private lending and mortgage deals.

Precious Metals Investing

Maybe an equally well-known form of investing in individual retirement accounts is choosing to put money in precious metals. Like many IRA providers, New Direction Trust Company allows clients to invest in precious metals like silver and gold.

Checkbook IRA Investing

Registering in a checkbook IRA points to flexibility. It allows clients to draw checks on their retirement accounts and make frequent withdrawals or deposits. Fortunately, NDTCO offers this option.

Other Investing Options

The firm promotes the concept that clients can invest outside and inside their IRA accounts. NDTCO clients interested in green technologies may invest in them. Unlocking other investing options requires effective communication between company staff and the investors.

The Fee Schedule at New Direction Trust Company

New Direction Trust Company (NDTCO) makes its profit in much the exact way that other individual account providers do — charging clients fees.

An IRA dealer can set fees based on the number of assets the client invests in. Also, they can charge a rate based on the total value of the client’s IRA account. They can charge flat monthly, quarterly, or annual fees or a combination of all three.

Most importantly, the fee schedule provided by New Direction Trust Company is exceptionally detailed. The following section tackles the highlights of the company’s fees.

Annual Administration Fees

The annual administrative fees apply to publicly traded securities, discount brokerages, digital currency accounts, and precious metals. The actual price charged to each investor’s asset depends on their account value. Generally, higher costs are triggered once the account value reaches more than $100,000.

The company’s annual administration fee for precious metals accounts worth lower than $100,000 has a flat fee of only $95. On the other hand, the annual fee for online trading with over $100,000 worth of precious metals is $150.

Digital currencies’ minimum starts at $250. The increased fee here is due to the volatility of its market and the fact that they are unpredictable.

Last but not least is the publicly traded securities. The annual fee offered by New Direction Trust Company is only $95.

For clients still trying to figure out their planned SDIRA investments, try contacting NDTCO. Their support can provide the essential details regarding this investment.

Processing Fees and Other Fees

Like most financial institutions, New Direction Trust Company charges its clients for bank wire transfers, processing checks, void checks, mail delivery, late fees, and statements. Depending on the required duty, prices range from $5 to $40. However, the company billed special services not included in the fee structure at about $150 hourly.

Customer Support at New Direction Trust Company

Luckily, clients can easily reach New Direction Trust Company over the phone. Any interested parties may schedule an advance consultation if they want to. Additionally, they offer them an option to email their questions using their provided contact form.

Unfortunately, there is no option yet to speak to a representative live via the company’s chat. This can be a significant deterrent for most retirement planners, but most IRA firms also do not offer this. However, it is a modern feature that would be nice to get.


With all market fluctuations, it may be the right time for retirement investors to put some of their eggs in another basket called precious metal individual retirement accounts (IRAs). After all, precious metal IRAs are one of the fastest-growing asset options for diversifying one’s investment portfolio.

Given that information, the next step is finding the broker that can match the investor’s retirement needs and wants to their financial capabilities. Look at the top four players in the precious market industry now.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

This investment firm has been one of the top providers of gold, silver, and other IRA accounts. They also supply a massive selection of precious metal commodities and services with superior customer service.

For retirement investors who look at a company’s reputation, it is worth mentioning that the famous Quarterback Joe Montana approves of Augusta Precious Metals. Not only do they offer various coins and bars, but they also trade them at a reasonable price.

American Hartford Gold

Star Rating

Even though they are one of the newest precious metals dealers, American Hartford Gold has already outperformed some of its competitors. They are an investment firm that produces tailor-fitted options for individuals and families searching for precious metals assets.

Another aspect to look for in American Hartford Gold is its base investment. They permit their clients to open an IRA account for as low as 10,000 USD. This is perfect for investors on a strict budget and risk-averse.


Star Rating

Goldco Precious Metals is also one to add to the list. Over the years since its foundation, the organization has developed a significant client count by providing top-quality precious metals products and services.

Goldco ensures their clients receive nothing but the most straightforward process for precious metals investments. In addition, a Goldco representative helps clients to diversify their retirement funds with metal assets satisfactorily.

Birch Gold

Birch Gold

Star Rating

With over two decades of investment industry experience, Birch Gold Group earns its spot as one of the top-performing precious metal companies. They have already managed authentic gold and silver investments for clients’ portfolios.

On top of that, the 24/7 customer support is one of the reasons to have Birch Gold Group as a dealer. Each company representative commits to empathy, transparency, and efficiency. This ensures that all the investors’ concerns and queries get swiftly resolved.

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Final Thought – New Direction Trust Company Reviews

While most gold IRA companies offer only a few options, it is worth engaging with New Direction Trust because of its flexibility and extensive investment alternatives for clients of all types. They show what a typical client would hope to find in an IRA company.

In addition, they have an interactive and easy-to-navigate website that is perfect for beginner investors. If clients find troubles with their investments, NDTCO has excellent customer support to answer and resolve anything.

As with any precious metals provider, there will always be room for improvement. However, there is no reason not to take a profound look at this self directed IRA custodian. Visit their website to check them out for yourself!

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