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Jeff Bishop is a market analyst with decades of experience and an amazing record for turning predictions into millions. Every week he sends one prediction out to his followers in the Bullseye Trades service so they can get involved too! Jeff’s bullseye trades are something you won’t want to miss out on.

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What are Bullseye Trades?

The Bullseye Trades service offers just one stock trade suggestion each week. It is encouraged to take advantage of the increased opportunity by trading less often, as illustrated in this example. This is not a day trading website where you can trade all week.

Bishop is looking at two patterns to help him decide his best trade. First, he uses a pattern, and second, he is looking at the SMA or simple moving average of 13 periods. He needs to wait for a certain number of periods on the chart. As the number goes over 30, he realizes it is time to go with the call option. This will help him maximize his profit.

Bullseye Trades is a trading service that encourages you to trade less but to make more money. You won’t be able to trade as often, but your trades will be worth more. There is no day trading. You get a weekly stock idea and pick from the market every Monday morning when you wake up in an email or text.

Your target should be emulating Bishop’s successful trade with a score ranging from fifty to three hundred percent. And to make sure that all the subscribers know what he is doing, Bishop sends out a text or email telling them about his trades.

Every time Bishop trades, he uses a pattern. He also looks at the SMA simple moving average on the 13-period simple moving basis to help him decide what is best. Jeff is waiting for the average to go past the 30-day moving average.

Once he notices this pattern, he knows that the right time to buy a call option is when the price dips below the strike price for an LTCM. This will help him make more money.Bishop uses three phases to help him make a trade. These are:

  • The Breakdown
  • The Sideways Action
  • The Bullish Breakout

Jeff has a way to know when the stock price will go up. He finds a trend line and combines it with another secret one. Then he knows when to sell and get more money.

Who is Jeff Bishop?

Jeff Bishop is the founder and president of Bullseye Trade. He was a legendary trader, and he also co-founded Raging Bulls with Jason Bond and Allan Marshal ten years ago. These men are as good as other famous trading and system offering gurus like Toshko Raychev and Russ Horn.

Jeff Bishop created a new system for trading stocks. This system sends an email every Monday morning before the stock market opens to tell you where to buy and sell stocks. Jeff Bishop offers his members trading options ideas. He makes them through the weekend. Then he emails or texts them to them. Bishop is a genius when it comes to trading stocks.

He has been doing this for more than two decades and knows a lot about stocks and ETFs out there. The reality that he was invited to participate in the founding of with Jason Bond and Allan Marshal is very important because they are so well known.

Bishop also offers various other trading systems and services that include the ever-popular Weekly Money Multiplier. In this assistance, They provide options trading education and barter recommendations. His academic background is in finance and economics, where he holds his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas.

Bishop is also the founder of many businesses, and he created the Angel Investing service. He has earned a lot of money by investing in companies on the verge of growing very big. He made profits from investments that were very carefully chosen. The profits averaged from half a million to over two million.

The Raging Bull umbrella organization that Bishop manages with Bond and Marshal has grown to be the most successful stock alert service in the world. It is among the fastest-growing companies in the country. Bishop has been successful as an angel investor and brings that experience to Raging Bull. Subscribers can get in on ground floor deals with him and other gurus regularly.

What You Get By Subscribing

Monday Morning Stock Pick

This is Bullseye Trades. We give one stock recommendation per week for people to buy or sell options. It comes out on Mondays in email or text form. Bullseye Trades is sent out to subscribers every Monday at 8:30 am. It tells you when to purchase and sell stocks. I think it would be fair if Bullseye Trades could tell you what stock will do well in an hour so that you know what stocks to buy and sell.

Weekly Money Multiplier

Jeff founded his now-famous Weekly Money Multiplier service as an option trading educational system several years ago. The premise behind the service is to educate members about options trading and provide them with trade guidance. You are encouraged to closely follow Bishop (as he purchases and sells options contracts) on the Internet.

This person wants you to learn his options trading strategy. He might want you to make your trades, or he might want you to use his trade ideas and follow along. If you want to trade more and learn more, use the WMM service. You will get many more alerts and educational resources than with the new Bullseye Trades.

Jeff’s goal with this previous service was to teach members the best ways to maximize their potential returns while reducing risk as much as possible

Option Profit Accelerator

Bishop wrote a successful book about stock options trading several years ago. He tells you that a free version of the book is on his website and gives you an ebook copy. This book is about stock options, and it promises that you will get twice or even three times the amount of your account.

Bullseye Trade Free Webinar

To get a free trading webinar, you need to give your email address. The man who talks in the webinar explains how he can make money from just one trade per week. It is possible that the person could double their money every seven days if they use his system. It is a good idea to have an interesting topic for a webinar. This is a free one, but you can get it by entering your email in his subscription service.

Customer Support

Raging Bull offers high-level customer service to their subscribers, with email support accessible within the program, online chat support accessible from the website, and in-house phone support.

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Bullseye Trades Pricing & Plans

Bullseye Trades offers its members very little. This is the point, and it’s also beautiful because there are no manuals or videos to watch. You don’t have a system to learn. No one has special indicators for you. You wait to get his email and input the trade order each Monday.

Then you wait for him to update your exit points if he does that too. You get a few other things with this membership.

Bullseye Trades offer a low price for people who want stock tips. For just $48 per year, you can get all of Jeff’s weekly stock tips and follow him from week to week. You can get more education on trading with options if you sign up for a new subscription. But Raging Bull offers a lot of deals and discounts, too. Are you looking for ways to save money in the midst of a financial crisis? You can find great savings if you shop around.

Pros & Cons


  • The service couldn’t be more straightforward and easy to master.
  • Bullseye Trades is the most affordable guru service we have ever seen or heard of. It is a new company that offers an affordable solution.
  • Every week, you can trade one option for another. You only need to spend five minutes on each trade, and if you take your time, it will be 10 minutes.
  • The company takes your money and doubles it every week. All you need to do is buy one stock from them.
  • World-class advertisements
  • You can use this strategy if it is your first time picking stocks. Pick one stock to buy each week.


  • Some people have said that the Bullseye Trades website is very loud. But it does not make any difference in how good the trade picks are.
  • Constant emails that are bordering on harassment
  • Advertisements all over the internet that unsuspicious people will fall completely
  • The person does not provide any financial statements to back up his claims.

Who is this Bullseye Trades System Specifically Designed For?

Bullseye Trades is best for beginners who are new to stock options trading. New traders will not need to be taught how to trade since Bullseye Trades does not do that. Instead of going to the store, he invites you to go on a trade ride with him. Although it is only for a short time, you can use your brokerage software that is already set up.

Then you can go back to your work. Some other systems talk about simplicity in their trading recommendations. They say they are simple, but Bullseye Trades is the only one we’ve seen that actually does it on a really simple scale.

The system is for people who are financially stressed but want to trade. They can find themselves confused by the markets, so we help them. Bullseye Trades can help you bring in more income! If you’re not bringing in enough to get by, click on the link below for tips and tools.

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Is Bullseye Trades Worth the Money?

Bullseye Trades is a service that can give you good tips for trades. You can make 100% profits if you trade only one time every week. This is because the service has a really good track record and the trade alerts are also available to any subscribers in the Weekly Updates section of the Raging Bull dashboard.

Bullseye Trades is for people who are full-time workers and can’t trade during the day. Swing-Trading Alternatives are Fast 5 Trades by Kyle Dennis and Jason Bond Picks by Jason Bond. Day traders can use Nathan Bear’s Weekly Money Multiplier service and read reviews of the Raging Bull trading service.

Bullseye Trades is a company that offers an alert service for stocks and options. When we looked at other companies, some of them were ten times more expensive than us. And some of them are cheaper.

The service costs $399 per year, or about $33 a month. For this price, you can get alerts about any property that meets your needs. It is an affordable service, and you could make more than $33 a month from the alerts.

Jeff Bishop has a successful track record. He is not always a winner, but he is more often than not. It’s also important to note that people who piggyback trade should have a trading strategy to stop when they feel like it is getting too risky.

As we say in all of our reviews, you should not just follow alerts and get rich. It is risky if you trade recklessly. Stock options are always risky, so take a cautious approach to the markets.

Many people will only rely on Bishop’s entry and exit points. But there are many times when a winner can turn into a loser, but even then, it can still be profitable for people who managed to get out of the trade with profit. This is why traders with experience will have an advantage when they adopt the trade idea. They can make the trade how they want, but based on their methods.

The service has deals. One of them is a webinar. Another one is a trial for $49 per week, which lasts a whole week. It is recommended to do the trial to figure out whether or not it is good for you and if they are right to trade with.


If you’re looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense way to get into the stock market, Bullseye Trades is just what you need. With Jeff Bishop still actively involved in trading and with his track record of success so far, there’s a lot of reason to believe that Bullseye will be around long after the year.

Even if you are new to the market, Bullseye Trades offers a great way to get going. You will be able to pick a service that suits your trading style and fit in with their system.

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