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“Necessity is the mother of invention,” as the saying goes. That sentiment is especially true for Drybar and its originator, American entrepreneur Alli Webb. Webb devised the brilliant concept of Drybar, a salon chain that offers nothing but blowouts (professional hair-drying) in a contemporary “bar” atmosphere at a competitive pricing point. Webb, who has naturally curly hair and spends much on salon blowouts, thought it was a “no-brainer.”
Since the first Drybar opened in 2010, the concept and company have grown exponentially. It was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Ideas of 2010.” Webb was named to
Fortune’s “40 Under 40” list in 2013.

Given Drybar’s phenomenal success, there has long been debate over how much its creator has to her name. As a result, we at Sophisticated Investor attempted to answer the question, “How much is Alli Webb’s net worth?” We’ve created a profile of Alli Webb using all publicly accessible information, including an estimate of her worth.
Please remember that the data supplied are only estimates and not definitive. However, we considered all publicly available assessments to estimate Alli Webb’s net worth.

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What is Alli Webb’s Net Worth?

According to the research, Alli Webb’s net worth is around $100 million. Naturally, this price approximates based on publicly accessible evaluations to a range we believe will fall inside.
Webb was offered a guest-shark role on the Emmy award-winning ABC show Shark Tank in 2019 due to her strong business skills.

Alli Webb Biography

Alli Webb was born in South Florida on March 20, 1975. She graduated from high school in
Boca Raton, Florida. Webb then attended Florida State University for a year before joining her brother, Michael Landau, in New York City. Landau worked at Nicole Miller’s headquarters and also found work for Webb. The siblings returned to Southern Florida and co-founded two Nicole
Miller boutiques. However, as siblings are wont to do, they clashed over the specifics of running the stores, resulting in the termination of their commercial partnership.

Webb then went to beauty school to learn the fine art of hairstyling, after which he worked in salons and styled hair for fashion shows. She met her then-husband, Cameron, and the couple relocated to Los Angeles when he was offered a job at an advertising agency. Webb was a stay-at-home parent for five years before getting the entrepreneurial bug and starting

Straight-At-Home, a mobile blowout business. The mobile business was so popular that Webb had a lightbulb moment and realized she needed a physical store. As a result, Webb, her then-husband, and brother Michael founded the first Drybar salon in Brentwood, California, in 2010.
Drybar now boasts around 150 sites and thousands of employees across the United States. Webb and her brother Michael created Squeeze, a mobile massage service, in 2019

How Did Alli Webb Build His Wealth?

Most of Alli Webb’s Fortune stems from the success and rapid growth of Drybar and its plethora of branded hair products. Webb also wrote a New York Times best-selling book and continues to get royalties from its sales:
How to Get the Perfect Blowout at Home: The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for Everyone (2016, Abrams Image)

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How is Alli Webb’s Net Worth Calculated?

Alli Webb’s net worth is estimated by subtracting her assets from her liabilities. Webb is the co-founder and co-owner of a successful chain of specialized salons that has grown exponentially in the 11 years since its inception.
However, it should be emphasized that the $100 million number is based on estimates and may not reflect her exact net worth

Invest Like Alli Webb?

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Want to Invest Like Alli Webb?

But, achieving a net worth comparable to Alli Webb’s is an ambitious, achievable aim. However, you can begin actively investing by diversifying your portfolio with non-correlated assets to the stock market.
To begin, open a self-directed IRA so that you can build a portfolio that grows tax-free or tax-deferred. This allows you to invest in various high-yielding asset types unavailable to standard brokerage account holders. Read our Precious Metals IRA and Bitcoin IRA evaluations to learn more about how to develop long-term tax-free wealth.

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Pros and Cons of Alli Webb’s Net Worth


  • Alli Webb’s success has come from her hard work and perseverance.
  • She has built a successful firm in the beauty industry, which has resulted in a sizeable net worth.
  • She serves as an encouragement to other businesses seeking success in their areas.
  • Her wealth allows her to give back to the community through donations and other humanitarian endeavors.
  • She has also provided work for many others through her firm, contributing to the country’s economic progress and stability.


  • A sizeable net worth imposes additional societal pressure and expectations to maintain a specific lifestyle, which may be challenging to maintain in the long run.
  • When dealing with such a significant volume of money, heightened public scrutiny may lead to unwanted PR or legal concerns if mishandled.
  • The tax burden may also be higher than for lower-income individuals, which may reduce investment returns or limit future wealth accumulation opportunities.

Final Thought – Alli Webb’s Net Worth

My final impression of Alli Webb’s net worth is that she has used her entrepreneurial drive and business savvy to become an exceptionally successful businessperson. She has grown a modest firm into a multi-million dollar empire, demonstrating how far someone can go when they are passionate about their profession and make the correct decisions.

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