Blanchard Gold Review

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Blanchard Gold, formerly Blanchard and Company, is a precious metals dealer. They are one of the market’s most popular options, and they invest heavily in marketing. But are they reliable dealers? Blanchard Gold Review has something to offer. The organization is referred to as Blanchard in most materials on the website.

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  • Blanchard sells a wide variety of precious metals and also offers a Gold I.R.A. service.
  • They’ve been in the business for over 40 years.
  • The customer education program was rated as good.


  • There are very few ratings or testimonials for this company on the significant industry review sites, which was found odd for a company that has been in business for long years.
  • They needed help recruiting past or current clients to survey and interview.
  • They were bothered by the need for more transparency surrounding their storage solution.
  • People checked several times and discovered that many of the products advertised on their website were out of stock.

Background On Blanchard


Blanchard Gold is a well-known and well-respected precious metals dealer.

Blanchard focuses on making the client process much easier and smoother by connecting them with their custodians and completing the necessary paperwork on their behalf.

According to the B.B.B., Blanchard has been in operation since 1975. They began as an investment consultant, advising people on gold investments.

Blanchard Gold is an excellent choice for gold coin investors looking to diversify their retirement portfolios.

Blanchard provides competitive pricing and knowledgeable customer service through David Beahm, who is very experienced in the precious metals business.

Fees & Prices

Customers can choose from a sliding scale of fees at Blanchard Gold Review. Whether coins or bullion bars are acquired, the fee’s amount is determined by the type of gold. Fees for coins range from 0.9 to 2.5 percent, while those for bullion bars are between 1-3 percent. Additionally, the business levies a flat commission fee of $25 per transaction, irrespective of the amount spent. Customers can also pay with a credit card; however, doing so entails an extra processing fee of 3%. The Blanchard Gold Review website makes all fees transparent so that clients can understand them before purchasing. Clients who decide to keep their gold with Blanchard Gold Review are not subject to any storage or recurring fees.

Blanchard Gold Review provides services, each with a corresponding fee and its purchase and storage expenses. For instance, customers can obtain guidance from qualified analysts and portfolio managers for a price relevant to each service. The company furthermore offers gold-backed I.R.A. accounts with accompanying custodial fees that change according to the type of account chosen.

Unlike other gold dealers, Blanchard Gold Review is renowned for its reasonable fees and price structure. Customers may relax knowing that their assets are secure and receive a fair price for their gold purchases. Customers get the peace of mind they need to make wise investment choices because of the company’s openness to its cost structure.

Blanchard Products and Services

Blanchard Gold Coins

Blanchard has an extensive collection of rare coins available for collectors. Compared to other precious metals companies, there is a more limited selection of IRA-approved bullion. However, the company provides IRA-approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Popular IRA-approved gold coins include the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, American Gold Eagle, American Gold Buffalo, and Australian Gold Kangaroo.

The primary metals are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium precious metals for which they provide products. Their collectible coins are more flexible than pure precious metals.

These metals are offered in the following forms:

  • Bullion
  • Investment-grade
  • Mint State
  • Rare coins

Blanchard Gold Coin Guide

Blanchard Storage and Buyback Program

GoldStar Trust Company is Blanchard’s I.R.A. custodian partner. Unfortunately, there needs to be more transparency about storage options with a preferred storage facility or a depository for owned precious metals.

Clients can choose a flexible buyback option from the company. You can quickly request a quote for either rare coins or bullion. The next step involves the physical inspection of the product by Blanchard numismatic experts. The company suggests contacting them directly for bullion and investment-grade gold to receive a quote and commence the process.

Blanchard will take back the metals at the current market price.

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Blanchard Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

  • B.B.B. Rating: A+
  • B.B.B. Complaints: 1 complaint resolved in the last three years
  • B.C.A. Rating: B.B.B.
  • B.C.A. Complaints: 0 complaints
  • CitySearch: N/A
  • Google+: N/A
  • RipOff Report: 3 complaints
  • SiteJabber: N/A
  • Trustlink: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) based on one review
  • Yellow Pages: Profile
  • Trustpilot: Profile
  • Facebook: Profile


More complaints used to be on the company’s B.B.B. page, and people complained about everything there was criticized. Among the topics discussed were:

  • Overbilling, hidden fees, and having automatic credit card payments that the person did not consent to were all issues.
  • Delivery took much longer than expected, or the package was damaged.
  • Because they were unwilling to follow through when a customer was dissatisfied, the company’s guarantee became a hollow promise.
  • Customers received products that differed from what they paid for, such as other gold coins or incorrect bullion.

The company appears concerned about preserving its reputation, particularly regarding rare coin prices. However, they have yet to make much effort to resolve the issues with their customer base. They say they do not do what the customer accuses them of doing and leave it at that.

That means it comes down to whether you believe the customer or the company. We are skeptical, and there are businesses with much more positive customer feedback and fewer overall customer complaints. Furthermore, reputable companies usually work with dissatisfied customers to resolve potential issues.

Is Blanchard Gold a Scam?

Blanchard Gold Company is unquestionably not a scam. As a result, this review was made to provide accurate and reliable information from reputable sources.

Customers are aware of the nature of their products.


Here are alternatives for choosing the right precious metals dealer for you:

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a reputable gold I.R.A. provider. The company’s image does not suggest any flaws in the precious metals industry. Furthermore, they have been in the market for over 45 years, offering various investment products such as gold I.R.A. investments and precious metals I.R.A.s. The selection at Augusta Precious Metals is also strictly limited to silver bullion, silver coins, and gold bullion.

Augusta Precious Metals is well-known in the precious metals industry for having one of the highest gold investment minimums. Set aside the fact that this is not the main point of this discussion, not the main point.

They also give customers their money back if they are still looking for Augusta Precious Metals services satisfactory. They provide a buyback option for old and new gold I.R.A. account withdrawals with no liquidation fees.


  • As a leading gold I.R.A. provider, they offer competitive pricing.
  • Fee transparency, according to Gold I.R.A. reviews.
  • Compared to other gold I.R.A. companies, there is a strong emphasis on silver and gold investing.
  • Authorities such as the Better Business Bureau have given us an A+ rating as the best gold I.R.A. provider.
  • For over ten years, there have been no formal complaints.
  • Gold, silver, and other precious metals are 99% pure.


  • Palladium and platinum have few options.
  • High minimum investment account
  • You can’t sign up for an account online.

American Hartford Gold

Star Rating

American Hartford Gold (A.H.G.) provides various investment options, including precious physical metals and gold I.R.A.s. They also offer a gold I.R.A. rollover with only three steps, making it simple for new A.H.G. investors.

American Hartford Gold also excels at investor education. Clients must make sound precious metal investment decisions with access to a content library.


  • Customer service is always available.
  • a family-run investment firm
  • There are no liquidation fees on its buyback program.
  • Emphasis on investor education


  • Transactions take longer to complete.
  • There is no online price list.
  • There is only an option for shipping in the United States.


Star Rating

Goldco Precious Metals is one of the market’s leading gold I.R.A. providers. They are a gold IRA provider that provides a wide range of precious metals investment accounts, including cryptocurrency and gold or silver I.R.A.s.

Goldco distinguishes itself primarily through its extensive investor education program. When a person obtains an I.R.A., they will gain access to the entire library of free scholarly content.
Goldco provides “white-glove” customer service, and a specialist is assigned to each client to assist with any transaction.


  • Investor education services to help investors learn more about their precious metals I.R.A. accounts.
  • Short transaction waiting times for noble gold investments
  • Customer service at its finest
  • One of the oldest and most reputable gold I.R.A. providers
  • There is a large selection of silver and gold coins available.


  • Lack of complete transparency when it comes to charges
  • There are a few options for bullion, platinum, and palladium.

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Final Thought – The Gold Center Review

Blanchard has been in business for over four decades and was one of the first precious metals investment firms in the United States.

While this is admirable, the company requires assistance in keeping up with the changing precious metals market. While they have some positive reviews, they have far more negative reviews than positive ones.

In addition to having misleading purchase policies and overpricing their rare coins, they need to gain the expertise in I.R.A. planning that so many other companies have.

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