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Katusa Research

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Marin Katusa has been actively involved in analyzing resource industries for over 20 years now. Katusa research believes that quality research leads to intelligent investment decision-making, which can reap huge rewards down the road when experts tell you what’s next before it happens.

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What is Katusa’s Resource Opportunities?

With Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, You can access insider information and discounted prices on investments through an annual subscription. These subscriptions also include monthly issues of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, interim alerts, special reports, the Personal Resource Portfolio, and extraordinary customer service.

The recommendations that you get as a subscriber help you know what to do with your money. Katusa does research on trends in the gold market.

This monthly investment advice from Marin Katusa, formerly of Casey Research, is geared toward those who have accumulated wealth and are eager to invest in gold markets, oil, or mining companies.

Gaining Access to Dynamic Guidance

Through his one million air miles, he has visited 500 resource projects around the world. By understanding how historical precedents may influence your opportunity to make money in the next gold boom, you can learn from him and be prepared for investment opportunities like never before!

Purpose of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities

To guarantee the safety of their investments, investors need to know what is happening in other markets. The newsletter that comes with a subscription from Katusa will keep you informed on the latest trends and investment opportunities through articles about the gold market and more.

Katusa now runs an independent research organization that focuses on finding the best natural resource stock investments.

Who is Marin Katusa?

Marin Katusa, a professional natural resource market expert, shares his skills with Resource Opportunities investment subscribers.

His advice is the best because he knows about the market more than other people who have not been in this work as long. Katusa’s hands-on experience gives him a competitive edge over his subscribers, with whom he is always willing to offer help in crafting their own investment plan.

What’s Included with the Service?

A subscription is a great way to see the insider secrets of an experienced investor. You can gain valuable insight from their choices and learn how you should best proceed with your investments in this industry.

  • The Monthly Issue – This will be an electronic newsletter of investment opportunities sent straight to your inbox.
  • Special Reports – The reports give detailed information about some sectors so you can go ahead and make money quickly.
  • Interim Alerts – The Interim Alerts that show what trends are happening with investing in a market provide insight on how to profit quickly from taking advantage of it by following advice given through them by Marin Katusa, who knows all about generating amazing return rates when applied properly.
  • Access to Marin’s Personal Portfolio from the Katusa’s Resource Opportunities. This monthly investment advisory will give investors the opportunity to invest in resource firms at the same time as Marin Katusa, according to his insights on price and terms. It will show what companies he invests in with his own money.
  • Access to the Katusa Research Members Area and Special Members-Only Report & Videos, this is a 24/7 free access to the official website.
  • They have quality Customer Service for anyone who has questions about their membership during office hours. If you subscribe to the Katusa Resource Opportunities, then the customer service team will be ready to help you with any questions. From investment strategies to your membership, they will help.

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Pros and Cons

This service has many advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. It may help when you are thinking about whether or not to buy something.


  • The Market Intelligence Center helps you find information about the market.
  • Regularly updated newsletter
  • Recommendations for people in the natural resource market.
  • Advice from Marin Katusa


  • This company does not give advice about investing.
  • No refund guarantee

How Much Does it Cost?

Excellent advice does not come cheaply, and it is worth every penny when you are investing. Katusa’s Resource Opportunities offers a remarkable value for the money and will provide expert guidance that other investors can only dream of getting.

While many investors around the world have happily paid $25,000 per year for access to his exceptional research and recommendations, Katusa offers subscribers a price that is nearly unimaginable.

At the regular price of $3,495, subscribers can get a big financial advantage in the market.

35% will make this offer too good to refuse. If you pay $2,995, you can join a club of professional investors in the natural resource market. And for an annual renewal fee is also the same price.

Is it Worth Your Money?

Investing with Katusa Resource Opportunities gives you the rare opportunity to get access to a seasoned veteran of the investment industry who has solo direct access to relationships and opportunities that are otherwise unavailable.

The amount of research that Marin goes through for each opportunity he recommends helps you to limit your own risk. He’s investing in the same things as well, so it feels like a good gamble with him by your side. Even if something doesn’t turn outright, you’ll have someone who understands how tough these decisions can be.

A monthly investment advisory, known as Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, focuses on companies with operations worldwide that are possible to be most affected by changes in commodity prices.

Marin Katusa’s newsletter contains quality research, first-to-the-story information, and excellent customer service.

Marin Katusa has created the ultimate resource in his premium newsletter to give all investors accurate reports that are up to date with market opportunities around them every day. It also provides education on how the markets work so you can make smarter investments while avoiding stress at home or your job.

Who is Katusa’s Resource Opportunities For?

Katusa Research provides an investment advisory that focuses on natural resources in a way that helps investors to navigate the fledgling market.

Resource sites worldwide are scoured for valuable assets by Marin Katusa, who also travels extensively to find them. He has an in-depth knowledge of gold, silver, all precious metals, and the entire natural resource market. His passion is finding out where they are located so investors can get a leg up on their portfolios by following his recommendations.

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Marin recommends only the best opportunities to make them the most profitable. He works with you and takes a lot of the risk away. When he tells you about great investment ideas, you know that it is safe to invest your money there because he has already done a lot of research before recommending it to you.

Katusa takes pride in helping to educate investors on the true value of natural resources, which Katusa believes will change the way people invest forever.

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