Minesh Bhindi

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Minesh Bhindi

Minesh Bhindi is an expert in the gold and silver market. Minesh is known for his free trading webinars, where he shares his knowledge with people worldwide. Minesh also offers five-figure monthly mastermind groups to help traders at all levels of experience learn more about this exciting industry. Minesh has grown to become synonymous with gold and silver trading, helping many investors grow their wealth through these two precious metals!

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What is Gold And Silver For Life?

If you’re thinking about investing in precious metals, you’d have to be insane not to realize that whenever things go a bit pear-shaped, it’s always gold that people seek out for a rock-solid investment. But this in and of itself creates a volatile market – after all, gold was just a few years ago at $2,000 per ounce and is now well below that. And yes, we all know that gold is a great investment for large investors. But how can the small investor hope to do the same?

This is precisely what Gold and Silver for Life is all about: making decent (and permanent) profits from precious metals investing. This is an all-in-one investment plan developed by Minesh Bhindi, a self-made millionaire, that tells people like me and you how to create a virtually guaranteed income from the gold and silver markets — according to the flashy advertising.

Who is Minesh Bhindi?

Minesh is an over-the-top, fun, and charming Brit who got his start in real estate earlier. He was trading in real estate at the age of 16.

Although many of us were still in school, he’d already struck a £1 million property deal by the age of 17. Around this time, he began trading stocks and shares as a pastime alongside his expanding real estate business. Simultaneously, Minesh developed his legendary trading method, initially in equities and later in gold ETFs, as his active mind took up more and more of his time.

Although Minesh is a workaholic who still handles a substantial amount of his business daily, including interacting with his loyal clients, he boasts a zero refund rate, big-ticket consulting, and training expenditures.

In his role as a consultant with Reverent Capital and as an owner of his personal property portfolio, he continues to be enthused about real estate. He recently shared the stage with renowned property investment “Wealth Dragon” John Lee at the Ultimate Wealth Summit.

Inside Gold and Silver For Life

The Sign-Up Process

Gold and Silver for Life’s signup procedure is quick and mostly painless, with members no longer needing to come up with $14,000 at the start because of “Results-Based Financing,” which allows them to make a tiny deposit with the rest due when they have achieved a clear profit of £100,000 or $150,000.

Gold and Silver For Life Members Area

Access to the members-only section is granted immediately upon completion of the sign-up procedure, which includes instant access to all course materials.

The secure area is accessed using a username and password that you created when you joined.

Inside the members’ area, the welcome page is a straightforward fast-start method to get everyone, even those who are new to trading (like me), up to speed.

GASFL: Training Materials – Video, Audio & PDF

The course comes with seven modules, each of which is divided into numerous logical sections that explain how to accomplish each phase of the process. Each component generally includes a video, a downloadable PDF file, and an audio MP3 file, allowing you to choose from several study methods.

The number of training videos appears to be astonishing at first sight, but the truth is there are approximately 6 hours of video instruction with supplementary files simply to back up the video material.

Module One: Introduction To Gold & Silver Investing

This is an expansion on Minesh’s free webinar training, which everyone who joins up will have seen before signing up. It covers various techniques of precious metals investment, ranging from that of a typical retail investor to those employed by big-scale institutional investors.

He focuses on the psychology of trading, examining why so many people fail and laying out the foundations of his major strategy.

The Introduction to Gold Investing and a Trading module is a crucial component for newbie traders because it establishes the mood for what comes next, and even if you’re already familiar with gold investing or trading, the psychological aspect covered in this lesson is really fascinating.

Module Two: Buy BMV

This module is the conclusion of the sequence, and it features a substantial reveal as well as where Gold And Silver For Life’s strategy is examined in further detail with several real-world examples and important calculations.

Module Three: Monthly Cash-Flow From Gold & Silver

The third component of the strategy is to generate cash flow from gold and silver investments, which is covered in Module 3. After fundamentals, there’s an application with two distinct items to hammer home the idea and purpose of the technique.

Module Four: Practical Implementation & Workthrough

The fourth module includes several real-world case studies and follow-along activities. This puts the two-part strategy outlined in modules 2 and 3 firmly into memory, enabling profitable trading using actual money rather than a virtual account.

Module Five: Build Your Gold & Silver Fund For Free

Part 5 looks at how to build your fund for free and investigates lesser-known institutional buying techniques, which Minesh utilizes to great effect.

Module Six: Hyper-Compounding Your Wealth

Module 6 is dubbed a bonus module

Module Seven: Your Action Strategy

The last Module 7 contains an easily implementable plan that is only part of which is a major task but critical to the procedure. Fortunately, the training will enable a dedicated individual to pass what amounts to a test and pass all legal ramifications that come with it.

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What Do You Get with Gold and Silver For Life?

The Free Webinar

This is, precisely as the name implies, a free webinar recording by Minesh Bhindi of Gold and Silver For Life (more about him later). It’s 3 hours long, and it provides you an overview of why investing in gold and silver at this time is something that everyone can participate in.

Getting Started

It’s also possible that you have no prior experience investing in gold and silver. The course gives you everything you need to know, from start to finish, in simple, step-by-step language.

The Online Learning Center

This is fantastic for those who want to learn more about a subject as time goes on. It’s divided into easy-to-follow steps that tell you precisely what you need to do to create great monthly revenue.

Weekly Webinars and Live Weekly Coaching Calls

Every one of them has been recorded and preserved so you may view and listen to them as desired. You’ll receive live market advice, analysis of your position, and next steps, as well as up-to-date details on how to respond to market situations here.

Open Q&A’s

How to establish your business, pay taxes on your profits, the refund policy, how to withdraw your funds, risks, and making money in downward markets are all addressed.

Pros and Cons of Gold and Silver For Life


  • Once you’re up and running, your trading will only take around 20-30 minutes of your day. And there’s no need to pore over technical charts to figure out what your next move should be – everything is clearly explained in simple steps that anyone can grasp.
  • You’re shown how to get into the precious metals markets and take control in a simple and straightforward manner. This implies that, regardless of what happens with the market, you may produce genuine and constant earnings by investing your money in whatever way it swings.
  • The online learning center allows you to expand your investing and profit from the worldwide gold and silver markets even further.
  • You safeguard your future in the most secure way possible today by owning gold and silver, which is perhaps the most unstable market environment imaginable. Other assets have shown to be prone to wild swings (just look at the stock markets after the UK Brexit vote). Until now, it had only been (or was nearly impossible) for the average person to get involved in the gold and silver market. Gold and Silver For Life makes this possible now.


  • However, you’ll need at least $5,000 to get started – something that may be out of reach for many. To participate in the program, you’ll also need somewhat more than that. However, if you want to diversify your assets, Gold and Silver For Life may be the solution for you.

Who is Gold and Silver For Life For?

This is a program for anybody who wishes to generate money from one of the world’s most durable assets today. You may simply do a simple Google search to learn how tenuous the global financial markets are currently.

Gold and silver have always been the great survivors, standing the test of time since the beginning of history. We’re not into instilling fear (as certain unscrupulous marketers do) in order to generate interest in the markets – but we are into protecting as much as possible so that you can maintain your own financial security.

This is a technique that, until recently, had only been available to people with significant money. What Gold and Silver For Life has accomplished is make trading in precious metals accessible to the average person. This has been a surprisingly popular investment for women, who account for a large proportion of investors in 27 nations using the Gold and Silver For Life investing program.

Can Gold and Silver for Life Work for Me?

This is a method that should be considered if you want to invest in gold or silver. More than 9 out of 10 clients see outcomes that match their objectives. You’d have a difficult time finding a client who had anything negative to say about this system.

Buying a commodity such as gold or silver reduces your financial risk in the event of an economic crisis, and it’s an excellent method to safeguard yourself financially. What is the nicest thing about this approach? It only takes a few hours to learn and then put it into action.

You won’t be alone, either. If you want, one of our specialists will take notice of your performance and suggest improvements if necessary, with as little as one phone call a week. If you’re looking for a steady stream of income without having to put out a lot of effort, this should be music to your ears.

A gold/silver buying strategy like this is an excellent short-term investment for those hoping to retire within ten years, but it’s also attractive to those just getting started with their financial planning. It’s a versatile system that serves everyone’s needs. This system is ideal for both venture capitalists who want to diversify their portfolios or individuals seeking to prepare for retirement.

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Minesh Bhindi’s Gold And Silver For Life System is a complete package to help you invest with precious metals. It provides the guidance and education needed for investing in silver or gold, as well as an easy-to-use tool that calculates your net worth based on how much money you have invested. If this sounds like something that might work for you, then we encourage you to sign up now!

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