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Navigating the intricate landscape of precious metals requires a reliable partner. Why? Because Preserve Gold isn’t just another IRA dealer. They redefine the experience with transparent pricing, a generous buyback program, and exclusive insights from their bespoke market research and analysis. Your financial future deserves nothing but the best.

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Preserve Gold Review

Preserve Gold, a family-run enterprise, serves both novice and seasoned investors. They assist with gold IRA setup and buying precious metals for personal ownership. Clients receive lifelong support from a dedicated wealth preservation specialist and exclusive market research.


  • Low minimum investment
  • Competitive price-matching and full price transparency
  • Attractive buyback scheme: zero liquidation fees for existing clients
  • 24-hour satisfaction guarantee: cancel for any reason without penalty
  • BBB-accredited with zero consumer complaints
  • IRA storage fees waived for up to 5 years
  • Up to $15,000 in free Gold and Silver


  • Limited online fee information

Remember, Gold and other precious metal IRAs carry risk. Be wary of promises of high returns with little risk. Like all investments, losses are possible. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. Before investing, ensure you understand all associated fees. Preserve Gold offers some of the lowest fees in the industry and are completely transparent throughout the process, also offering clients a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits of Using Preserve Gold

Preserve Gold Company provides several key benefits to customers looking to invest in physical Gold.

The company offers all of their clients:

  • Free, insured shipping, usually within a week of cleared payment
  • Zero fee buyback policy
  • 24-hour satisfaction guarantee: they are so confident in their services, they allow their clients to cancel for any reason without penalty within 24-hours. This policy is unique to Preserve Gold and ensures transparency and client satisfaction.
  • Competitor price match and price transparency
  • Access to a precious metals specialist
  • Precious metals education

Preserve Gold combines the stability and security of physical Gold with the flexibility of ready access to the value of your investment. Their dedication to transparency, integrity, and outstanding customer service has made them an industry leader in helping investors buy, sell, and hold physical Gold.

How the Preserve Gold Works

Preserve Gold is a highly regarded company in the precious metals industry. Here’s an in-depth look at how Preserve Gold operates:

Specialization in Precious Metals: Preserve Gold primarily deals with precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These are offered in the form of coins and bars, providing customers with a tangible form of investment.

Family-Owned Business: Preserve Gold prides itself on being a family-owned company. This gives it a unique touch of personal care and attention to detail, which is often missing in large corporate structures.

Diversification of Wealth: The aim of Preserve Gold is not just to sell precious metals, but to help individuals and families diversify their wealth. They believe in the power of precious metals as a hedge against economic uncertainty and currency devaluation.

Customer Education: Before making any sale, Preserve Gold ensures that customers understand the value and importance of investing in precious metals. They provide a comprehensive, lifetime education to their clients about the benefits and potential risks associated with these investments. The company also offers an RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) calculator to show you how much you would need to withdraw from your IRA once you retire to be compliant with IRS regulations.

Highly Rated: Preserve Gold has received high ratings from various review platforms and has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. This indicates a high level of trustworthiness and customer satisfaction.

Zero Liquidation Fees: One of the standout features of Preserve Gold is that they charge zero liquidation fees. This means that customers can liquidate their investments without any extra costs.

Storage Options: While Preserve Gold does not directly provide storage facilities for the precious metals you purchase, they educate customers about various storage options. These include keeping it at home, using a bank’s safe deposit box, or usinga trusted third-party depository. Preserve Gold typically waives storage fees for new customers for up to 5 years.

Highest Buyback Prices: Preserve Gold claims to offer the highest buyback prices in the industry. This ensures that customers get the best possible return when they decide to sell their investments.
In conclusion, Preserve Gold is a comprehensive precious metals company that not only sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium but also educates customers about their investment, provides market insights, and offers a hassle-free buying and selling process.

Preserve Gold Features

Preserve Gold is your one-stop-shop for all your precious metals IRA needs. They boast a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, which customers can conveniently browse on their extensive online catalogue.

Preserve Gold provides precious metals for a number of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), which include:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional 401k
  • Roth 401k
  • Thrift Saving Plan (TSP)
  • 403(b)
  • 457(b)
  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
  • Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers (SIMPLE)
  • Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA)

For new customers, Preserve Gold frequently rolls out exciting promotions. As of the time this post was written, they are offering an impressive $25,000 in free gold and silver to eligible investors. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • Metals on offer: Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in both coin and bar form
  • Minimum investment: A reasonable $10,000
  • Fees: Initial setup and annual account maintenance fees apply
  • Storage options: Choose from the Texas Precious Metals Depository, Delaware Depository, or International Depository Services for secure storage

If you’re a newcomer to the world of gold investment, Preserve Gold has got you covered. Their website offers a wealth of educational resources, including informational kits and up-to-the-minute market outlooks, all routinely updated by their team of Gold IRA experts. Additionally, based on your specific interests and investment goals, Preserve Gold’s specialists can personally recommend educational materials that best suit your needs.

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What Makes Preserve Gold Unique?

Preserve Gold has established itself as a leader in the precious metals industry. Preserve Gold’s relationship-oriented and educational approach builds investor confidence and provides their clients the ability to make informed decisions. Each member of their team is hand-selected because they have shown product knowledge and professionalism, while adhering to the company’s core principles: integrity, transparency, and consistency.

Preserve Gold is a founding member of the Precious Metals Association (PMA). This is a trade association consisting of precious metals industry leaders that adhere to integrity-focused business practices. Requirements for members of this invitation-only association include ethics, compliance, education, and customer resolution.

There are a number of common scams to look out for from bad actors in the precious metals industry. These include:

  • Lack of transparency: hidden fees or commissions
  • Fraud: lies about asset performance
  • Unethical practices: deceptive sales practices, excessive spreads that can exceed 60%, which is outside of accepted industry standards.

These types of companies often have complaints and lawsuits filed against them. Doing business with a company like this can cost you thousands of dollars or more due to the hidden fees and lack of transparency provided

Preserve Gold was created by its CEO to operate with a strong moral compass in the industry, promising its clients integrity in every purchase.

Additionally, Preserve Gold is one of the ONLY precious metals firms with ZERO complaints listed with the BBB.

Testimonials and Reviews

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Preserve Gold FAQs

Preserve Gold is dedicated to providing the best customer experience. They understand your questions about our services, products, or company. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients:

1. What does Preserve Gold do?

Preserve gold is based out of Woodland Hills, California and specializes in precious metals IRAS and helping customers buy, sell, and own physical gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. They offer new and roll-over IRA account options and secure storage solutions, as well as precious metal purchases that can be delivered to your home. Their goal is to make investing in Gold easy and accessible for everyone.

2. Is Preserve Gold a reputable company?

Yes, Preserve Gold is a reputable industry leader. They are a family-owned and accredited business by the BBB, and the only precious metals company in the industry with 0 complaints. They have hundreds of 5-star reviews across Google, TrustPilot, and other consumer rating sites. Their team of experts has decades of combined experience in precious metals. They are trusted by major financial institutions, investors, and collectors worldwide.

3. How do I buy Gold from Preserve Gold?

Buying Gold from Preserve Gold is simple. All you have to do is give them a call at (866) 545-9968 to speak with a precious metals specialist or schedule an appointment. Preserve Gold promises a no-pressure sales strategy and they offer live pricing and ultra-competitive rates. You can physically deliver your Gold or store it in one of the available secure depositories. They safely ship all orders fully insured.

4. Does Preserve Gold buy Gold?

Yes, Preserve Gold also buys Gold. Existing clients receive zero liquidation fees at the time of buyback and they provide lifetime account support from dedicated precious metals specialists.Selling your Gold to Preserve Gold is convenient and hassle-free.

Final Thought – Preserve Gold Review

Preserve Gold stands as a trusted gold IRA provider catering to investors across the experience spectrum. Their approachable and well-informed specialists are always available for a chat, ready to provide insights on how to invest astutely in this sector.

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