Australian Koala Platinum Coins

Australian Koala Platinum Coins

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Australia’s Australian Perth Mint originally produced the Australian Koala Platinum Coin from 1988 to 2000. They feature a striking image of one of Australia’s most-loved marsupials, the Australian Koala. These coins typically should not be spent on purchases because they continue to increase in value and are no longer in production. This is primarily for collectors or investors who want to make money off their purchases.

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Development, Introduction, and History

Starting in 1986, the Gold Corporation began minting gold bullion on behalf of the Western Australian government. These launches were so successful that, one year later, both silver and platinum coins were approved for production. Platinum Koala began in September 1988. It was the first series of coins to offer 1 oz platinum bullion. It became popular as soon as it started.

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In 1991, the Perth Mint made new coins that were bigger than the regular ones. The 2 oz., 10 oz. and 1-kilogram weight denominations were for sale in Perth. The demand for these coins has made them one of the top export earners from all of Australia.

The Perth Mint has always released low numbers of platinum coins, making them coveted among collectors and investors. The platinum Koala coin series is one of the most beautiful coins ever produced. The detail and craftsmanship are unmatched, making them a must-have for any serious collector or investor who has an eye on quality.

Australian bullion coins typically show an image of an animal unique to the Australian continent. One such animal is Koala, a tree-dwelling marsupial known for its child-like appearance as well as teddy bear resemblance. Surveys conducted on tourists in Australia reveal that they most want to see this adorable animal during their visit.

The Production of the Koala

In 1988, the Australian Government gave the approval to start production of the Platinum Koala coin at Perth Mint. The Platinum Koala coins are Australian legal tender. The one troy ounce coins were originally produced, but for marketing purposes, 2 ounces, 10 ounces, and even 1-kilogram coins came out later to make this collectible more enjoyable.

The Australian Platinum Koala, like the American Platinum Eagle, is one of the very few series of platinum coins that are still being produced because the metal is so rare, and refining it can be expensive. The Platinum Koala is a .9995 fine platinum coin that now comes in different sizes, including 1/10, 1/20, and 1/4 Troy ounce. These coins have a market price that exceeds their face value as they’re made of precious metal.

Australian Koala Platinum Coins

Note that the Platinum Koala bullion coins are of particular interest to both collectors and investors. The portrait on the front is an Ian Rank Broadley design of Queen Elizabeth II that can be found on other Perth Mint Koala bullion issues.

The back of the Koala changes annually, showing a different representation. Every year, there is a different presentation of the cuddly, tree-climbing marsupial.

The Australian Koala Platinum coins come in four sizes– one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth of ounces. The Perth Mint’s Australian Silver Kangaroo bullion series is also popular with collectors and investors for its 99% purity combined with a competitive price point.

 Benefits of Australian Koala

They have guaranteed Purity and Weight from the Trusted Perth Mint. From the only producer of the Australian Government’s gold and platinum bullion program come these superb platinum coins; wholly trustworthy and cost-effective, they are an excellent way of adding platinum to any investment portfolio.

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Australian Platinum Koala Physical Characteristics

Coin Design

The obverse of Platinum Koalas features a portrait of British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II. The image created by Ian Rank Broadley is one of the world’s most recognizable symbols appearing on national coinage everywhere. A commonality for Australian bullion coins is images honoring Elizabeth II.

The Queen on the Koala coin is surrounded by words that say “ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA” and the coin’s face value.

Every year, a different type of koala bear is on the backside of the Platinum Koala coins. The perimeter will have THE AUSTRALIAN KOALA written prominently with the year it was produced and its weight denomination (.9995 PLATINUM).


There are five different types of Australian Koala Platinum coins. These coins come in weights that range from 1/20 oz. to 1 oz.

You can buy a 1oz platinum coin for $100 or buy a 1/2oz. for $50, or even a 1/4 oz., which will cost you $25. A 1/10 oz. costs $15, and so does the 1/20 oz., which is worth only 5 dollars.

All Australian Platinum Koalas are made of 99.95% platinum, so they can be used to invest in an IRA.

Australian Platinum Koala Pricing

Each Platinum Koala has a face value. It’s worth it when you use it as money. The Government of Australia makes this, so the coins have value.

In Australia, Platinum Koalas are technically legal tender and could be exchanged for goods or services. However, the actual value of these coins is often much greater than their face values due to collectability.

Face value is not the same as the market value of a platinum Koala. The spot price of platinum determines market value.

The price of platinum changes daily, so the price for platinum bullion coins will change every day, too.

Adding Australian Platinum Koala Coins to an IRA

All Australian Platinum Koala coins are eligible to be put into a self-directed IRA.

Investors can put real platinum into their IRA account. This is because it is not dependent on the stocks and bonds that are in other accounts. Platinum is a rare metal, rarer than gold or silver. Investors are starting to see how important platinum is, and they want to invest in it.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows for some types of IRAs to have gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion in a portfolio. Sometimes called a “precious metals IRA,” Only certified bullion, such as the Australian Platinum Koala, allowed by the IRS can be added to these investment vehicles.

Investors must buy at least $5,000 worth of gold or silver to have an IRA. The next purchase needs to be at least $1,000. In addition, any purchase of investment bullion for an IRA is needed to be transferred to and held within approved precious metals depositories. These depositories are accountable for the safety and maintenance of your metal until distribution can take place.

To be included in an IRA, all bullion must meet requirements. All Australian Platinum Koala coins are guaranteed to meet these requirements by the Perth Mint.

People with existing IRAs can do two things. They can transfer their money to a precious metals IRA. Or they can just roll it over into that account.

The Perth Mint has an online store where you can buy coins directly from the mint. Prices are listed in both Australian and U.S dollars. In addition, the Perth Mint has a list of authorized distributors. If you want to buy platinum koalas from previous years, your best bet is to use an authorized distributor like APMEX.

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Platinum bullion coins, like Australian Koala, are a popular way to diversify your investment portfolio.

The Platinum Australian Koala is approved for self-directed IRAs. It has the same guarantee and status as its American and Canadian counterparts. Platinum is a rare metal that has numerous uses in the industrial world. As the order for cars and electronics increases, the platinum price also rises—making it an attractive investment opportunity.


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