U.S. Money Reserve

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U.S. Money Reserve

Like gold and silver, Precious metals tend to be a good investment because their value usually goes up over time. You can find many good dealers online who will provide you with quality products and services.

There are numerous companies that offer services, like U.S. Money Reserve. You need to find the one that meets your needs in the best way possible so you can be certain you are receiving the best service. In this review, we will look at U.S. Money Reserve to see if it is a good match for your needs or not.

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U.S. Money Reserve Customer Reviews: Legit Gold Or Should You Pass?

What is the U.S. Money Reserve?

U.S. Money Reserve is a corporation that gets rid of gold and offers self-directed gold IRAs. If you’re not happy with your acquisition, the company will refund your money within 30 days of your order. The company provides shipping for purchases that are insured. It also requires your signature when it is delivered. The company also has a kit to help people learn about how to buy gold, and the company president was a director of the U.S. Mint.

Management Team

President – Philip N. Diehl
Philip N. Diehl is the head of the U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl was formerly the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department and the 35th Director of the United States Mint.

Is U.S. Money Reserve legit?

If you’re looking to vary your portfolio by buying precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve might be a good option for you. They offer a variety of options, including gold IRAs and other precious metal IRAs.The $250 annual fee is frequently waived the first year. This is a good perk. But remember that all precious metals investments have risks. You should always think about diversification when investing in this market.

U.S. Money Reserve Gold

U.S. Money Reserve offers gold, silver, and platinum IRA options. Customers can set up a new gold IRA or transfer funds from an existing IRA. People with existing IRAs can also roll over their investment into a gold or other bullion metal IRA.

The company gets a variety of gold coins and bars that you can use to fund your IRA account. Once you open the account, they will ship the precious metals to an approved storage facility so they will be safe.

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Cost and Price Plans

U.S. Money Reserve sells different types of gold products on its website. Some of the prices are available online, but for other products, you’ll need to call to get the most recent price. The prices can vary depending on what type of product you want. As of the time this was published, these were some estimated prices:

  • Coins: $247 to $2,097
  • Certified coins: $199 to $1,965
  • Bullion: $244 to $2,056
  • Bars: $1,970 to $60,286

The company also sells silver products. You can utilize these products to fund your IRA or store them at home. The company might change its prices, so you should call to get the most recent prices. But here are some fees as of publishing:

  • Coins: $36 to $17,443
  • Certified coins: $57 to $495

How Does US Money Reserve Work?

  • Can I transfer funds from my 401(k) to a gold IRA?

Yes. U.S. Money Reserve helps customers who have existing 401(k)s or IRAs to move their money into precious metal IRAs.

  • Do they have annual fees?

Yes, some gold IRA fees may be waived the first year. After that, they charges $250 a year.

  • What metals can you buy from them?

You can buy gold and silver products online or over the phone. This company distributes government-issued gold and silver bullion and proof coins as well as bars.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Below we offer a variety of reviews, ratings, and complaints about U.S. Money Reserve from different consumer reporting and rating agencies.

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • BBB Complaints: 16 in the last three years
  • BCA Rating: AAA
  • BCA Complaints: 1 complaint
  • CitySearch: Profile
  • RipOff Report: No Reports
  • SiteJabber: Profile
  • Trustlink: Profile
  • Trustpilot: Profile
  • Yellow Pages: Not Rated
  • Yelp: Profile
  • Facebook: Profile

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4.5 star

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Goldco helps people save money for their old age. This way, they will be able to afford to live comfortably even when they are no longer working. Goldco is a company that can help you do this by setting up a plan that works best for you.

The company has good ratings from the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance because customers like how they are treated, their dependability, and ethical business practices. If you want to learn how to save your money and reach your retirement goals, ask how you can utilize precious metals like gold or silver.

Goldco can help you set up and manage an IRA account. They only offer accounts that invest in gold and silver, but you can also invest in other precious metals.

American Hartford Gold


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American Hartford Gold Group is a company that sells gold. You can buy gold as bars or coins. Buying gold and silver in an IRA is like buying stocks or bonds in your retirement account. This can help you spread out the risk of your retirement savings.

American Hartford Gold offers gold and other precious metals, like coins and bars. You can invest in these metals without having to pay any taxes. This means that the government will not take any of your money when you invest in these metals.

Augusta Precious Metals


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Augusta Precious Metals is a company that has been selling gold and silver for many years. Augusta Precious Metals can help you invest in gold or silver, which can build your wealth and help you save for retirement. Augusta Precious Metals can also help you open an IRA account, which is not in a retirement account.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission endorsed that you diversify your investments to help manage the risk of losing money. Augusta Precious Metals representatives can help you open a retirement account that consists of gold and other precious metals. This account has the same tax-deferred status as other self-directed IRAs.

Birch gold



4.5 star

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Birch Gold Group can help you save money. They have been helping people save money since 2003. The company is headquartered in California. Birch Gold Group specializes in helping people save their money by helping them with their savings accounts, retirement accounts, and investments in precious metals. Birch Gold is a company that helps people save money.

The company helps people move their IRA, 401(k), and other tax-advantaged retirement accounts out of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. People use different ways to buy gold. Some people might buy it from a company that buys gold, like Birch Gold. You can find out more about them by looking on their website or calling them. You can also query your parents for help if you’re not sure if Birch Gold is the right company for you.

Birch Gold Group can help you if you have a gold IRA. They can help you start a new one or move your current one. Birch Gold Group will provide you with information and support so that you can make the best decision for your situation.


American Rarities is a rare coin dealer that has been around since 1979. They have four physical outlets, with the other three being in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas, respectively. Whether you are looking for coins or bullion, scrap paper money, or anything else related to precious metals – they’ve got you covered.

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