Texas Precious Metals

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Texas Precious Metals

Texas Precious Metals is a widely known and recognized company in the precious metals industry. Since its establishment in 2011, it’s grown and earned the trust of its customers throughout the country. Aside from being one of the top precious metals dealers, Texas Precious Metals is known for having two entirely accredited underground vaulting logistics centers in Texas.

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What is Texas Precious Metals?

The Texas Precious Metals Corporation sell precious metals — authentic physical ones — to their investors and customers. Despite being a small company with only about 12 people on its payroll, it provides exceptional customer service and generates an outstanding $150 million a year!

While Texas Precious Metals has its latest initiatives focused on many exclusive and unique goods, the company remains one of the country’s primary precious metals dealers and sellers. The firm is known for its wide silver round selection.

Company Background and Information

Texas Precious Metals Corporation is a subsidiary business that’s part of a 124-year-old family business, Kaspar Companies. Currently, it’s reached its fifth generation and has been steadily operating in Texas since 1898.

Since the company’s inception (2011-2022), the precious metals dealer has over 100,000 orders shipped to all states of America and has processed over $1.2 billion in client transactions. It truly holds the trademark of Texas and stands by its tagline of “Business in the Texas Way.”

Company History

The company originated as a joint venture project between Kaspar Texas Traditions and Saab & Company Inc. Texas Precious Metals started out as one of the major precious metals wholesalers in the country. They used to sell gold and silver bullion, mainly exclusive to coin shops and other market retailers.

In 2018, the company launched the Texas Precious Metals Depository — a secure private storage facility that caters to individuals, other larger commercial custodians, and IRA custodians!

Texas Precious Metals commenced a vast and ambitious program to distribute a new class of products called the Texas Silver Round. Nowadays, the Texas Silver Round has become a staple in the world of precious metals as it offers investors a unique value proposition. This Silver Round is a finely struck medallion that is purer than the US Mint Silver Eagle!

At the retail level, this round is less expensive. Moreover, it is packaged and sealed in superior boxes composed of steel — a distinct difference from the common plastic containers issued from government mints.

Another well-known innovation from the company is the “mini monster box.” It is a half monster box made of 250 ounces of silver, offering cost conscious investors the option of a less expensive and more affordable alternative to a mint issued monster box.

The Texas Silver Round’s Popularity is a prelude to the known Texas Mint products. In the company’s 11-year-long history, the reverse of the Texas silver round featured a longhorn, coyote, cowboy, bobcat, and a white-tailed deer. It also features the Texas State Capitol. Additionally, the Texas Mint introduces a 4-year Texas Revolution Series that features the critical battles in the state’s history.

These images accompany the obverse of the geographical outline of Texas’ iconic lone star (in the foreground) and Texas (in the background). Texas Precious Metals spun off the Texas Mint as its division with the definite purpose of expanding the line and distributing them to other national dealers.

Overall, the unique deals you’ll encounter with Texas Precious Metals involve superior boxes composed of valuable items ideal for collector coin shops. In this day and age, owning a mint issue monster box is something that’s definitely worth getting into.

Products and Services

The company specializes in the sale of silver and gold bars and coins. On occasion, they also offer platinum and palladium. Texas Precious Metals offer multiple goods, including bars and coins, with particular attributes and designs. It also provides specialized gold bars, gift sets of sealed proofs, and collectible coins.

While they don’t deal with IRAs on their own, the company does allow its clients to roll over their 401(k) or existing IRA accounts into precious metals. In regards to custodians, customers are allowed to choose their own. The company can also connect clients with alternatives if they need help knowing where to begin.

Whether their customers are purchasing IRA assets or making individual investments, the company’s storage alternatives are always available. Clients can find the Texas Precious Metals Depository in the state. Note that there are no set-up or withdrawal fees at the Texas Precious Metals Depository, so most tend to go for it.

The company has a plethora of world class bullion products. Moreover, their official website also features a wide selection of merchandise and metal detection. Here are some of their products worth mentioning:

  • Various Gold coins
  • One-ounce gold bars
  • Ten-ounce gold bars
  • One ounce gold rounds
  • Various Silver coins
  • One ounce silver bars
  • Ten ounce silver bars
  • Hundred-ounce silver bars
  • Various ounce Texas silver round
  • Texas silver bars

Of course, these products are stored in a safe Texas bullion depository. In line with security, strict depository operations are also guaranteed for each client.

Storage Options

Whether you’re buying assets for a gold IRA or making an individual investment, the firm’s storage alternatives may be of use. There are two options for precious metals storage.

The Texas Precious Metals depository is one found in the state of Texas. The other is a storage facility in the Cayman Islands, which is appropriate for people who want their money kept inside a tax shelter.

Texas Precious Pros and Cons

The advantages and drawbacks of purchasing precious metals from a firm are an excellent approach to evaluate its performance. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of dealing with Texas Precious Metals.


  • All items are available for free shipping.
  • There are a number of different goods to select from.
  • Investors may now purchase their precious metals online through this company.
  • It is trustworthy and reliable due to its affiliation with several reputable organizations.
  • Unlike several other precious metals dealers, it has its own safe deposit box.
  • Many customers praised the prompt delivery from Texas Precious Metals.
  • Some of the most competitive prices
  • Several clients have praised the company’s excellent service.


  • Online reviews are limited
  • No IRA services offered
  • Services are restricted to North America
  • IRA rollover services must be simplified

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Buyback Program

Texas Precious Metals will buy your assets when you’re ready to sell them. You can call the company at any time of day between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central time. This will guarantee you get a good price for your items. To execute this, provide the firm with a credit card account number.

The price must be locked in within 24 hours of the bullion’s arrival. You are free to pick any type of insurance and delivery method you wish. That said, you may also use the company’s door-to-door delivery and collection services. UPS can bring the box right to your front door.

If you have your package collected at your home, you’ll only need to pay for the shipping label. Sales of more than $1,000 are eligible for free delivery. The company will send you a label to print out and use to ship the package overnight.


American Hartford Gold


Star Rating

American Hartford Gold is a family-run business based in California, USA. They have over 10 years of experience in the precious metals industry.

With the help of American Hartford, clients can expand their retirement portfolio and even receive premium metals with lifetime warranty. In 2021, they are ranked as the number one fastest-growing private Gold company in America.

In various platforms, they have excellent reviews from their satisfied clients and most of the complaints are from the price fluctuations rather than the service of the company.


  • Advertises special deals
  • Provides specialists in precious metals
  • Offers educational resources
  • Complete cost disclosure


  • No shipment available outside of USA
  • Price list is not available in the website

Augusta Precious Metals


4.8 star

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a well-known IRA company in the field. Many of their clients continue to praise them for their excellent service and vast selection of precious metals.

One of their main goals is to help their customers invest in a more stable asset that would not get affected by unfavorable circumstances related to an economic crisis. Precious metals are one of the best ways to secure your retirement wealth and make sure that your hard-earned money is safe.

However, their minimum investment cost for their precious metals IRA is $50,000, which can be pretty steep for beginners.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Strong reputation
  • Cost effective
  • Personalized service


  • Minimum investment is $50,000
  • High markup on investment coins



4.5 star

Star Rating

If there’s one thing you can trust about Goldco, it is the fact that they will provide you stability. Their services focus on Gold and SIlver IRA, which is an extremely helpful asset in any sudden economic changes.

Gold is especially powerful and remained its value over the years. If you are planning to invest in precious metals, Goldco is an excellent choice to start with. However, know that their minimum investment cost is $50,000.


  • A+ Ratings from Better Business Bureau
  • All coins and bars are certified
  • Consumer Affairs Accredited
  • Received excellent verified reviews from Trustpilot and TrustLink


  • Difficult to find the pricing
  • No information available on storage/custodian fees

Birch Gold

Birch Gold


4.2 star

Star Rating

Birch Gold Group has over 20 years of experience, and they were able to provide consistent customer support to their clients. Their main goal is to strengthen and diversify their retirement portfolio, and they did an excellent job at doing that.

There are many companies out there that offer the same products and services. Still, you can expect Birch Gold Group to provide you the service that you are looking for. They are genuinely concerned about your financial status and want you to have a better retirement life.


  • Low minimum investment cost
  • Strong buy-back program
  • A+ with BBB
  • Provides specialists and strong customer support


  • Not available for investors outside of United States
  • Limited selection in physical bars and coins

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Final Thoughts – Texas Precious Metals

Texas Precious Metals is one of the country’s most prominent precious metals companies and dealers. It operates online and manages a retail location in Shiner, Texas.

The company offers full-service precious metals deals and provides its clients with all the necessary services. With its long history and positive reviews on Yelp and BBB, it is safe to assume that Texas Precious Metals is not a scam.

Instead, it is a well-established company that could satisfy the needs of its clients using necessary precautions and prevailing market rates.

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