Ben Robinson Reviews

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Ben Robinson Reviews

Have you been looking for a bookkeeping course that will teach all the fundamentals and help your business grow? Ben Robinson’s online Launch Course is what we recommend. Ben’s course will provide you with all of the resources, guides, and videos that you need to start up your bookkeeping system correctly from scratch!

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What is a Bookkeeper Business Launch?

Who is Bookkeeper Business Launch for?

The Bookkeeper Business Launch is for people who want to learn bookkeeping or take their business to the next level. This course will teach you bookkeeping to do it well and give tips on how to run your business.

As Ben Robinson says, this course is for learning all of the things you need to know about bookkeeping.

The Bookkeeper Business Launch is good for people who want to start a business that does bookkeeping at home, but it’s also good for other people. This course can be for people who want to make a change in their lives. It is good for stay-at-home parents and people who work in a company. This way, they can always learn at a pace that works best for them.

Who is Ben Robinson?

The Business Launch is a book made for accountants. It was written by Ben Robinson.

Ben owned a company that does accounting. Over 15 years, he trained 120 people to do the work of a bookkeeper. He decided to sell his business in 2014. He was a CPA for the bulk of his life and didn’t know what else to do. But then, an idea came to him.

Ben’s friend, Kelly, lost her job. She has three boys and was worried about what she might have to do. Ben then realized that he could help Kelly with her business. She can work from home instead of in an office like Ben did before.

One month later, Ben thought he could train people to work as bookkeepers and also help them put up a business. Kelly did not have any bookkeeping experience, but she was able to learn it. So Ben has since instructed over 8,400 bookkeepers.

Ben is very intense about three things: freedom, family, and money. He wanted Kelly to join him in his new business – The Bookkeeper Launch. She would be the chief operating officer. He is happy to help people get three things. They can make money, they can have a family, and they can have a hobby. He has helped thousands of people who want to start their own business from home.

What Does Bookkeeper Launch Training Include?


This part of the work order will teach you how to take care of things with your clients. You will know how they can do things like balance sheets, cash statements, etc. You will learn how to use software like LastPass and Quickbooks.

You will start out by managing these records and learning how to keep accounts clean. Then you can make them easy to read too.


In this stage, you will grasp how to get clients. Here, they will teach you how to make a healthy relationship with your client. They will also educate you on how to create a trusting environment.

This lesson will tell you how to know your target audience and charge a fee that they are willing to pay.

You can talk to other people who work with books here. They will tell you about their experiences, and you could make friends with them.

Clients (Advanced)

This is an extended part of the last part. It is more about how to market yourself. It teaches you how to build a good online identity and keep your website nice and clean to attract customers. It also tells you that it’s important that you take charge of your job. This will help show clients what you can do. When you go on your website, the first thing people see is your profile.

You need to make it intriguing so people can find out more about you.


This segment of the course will teach you about the legality of being a bookkeeper. It’s an overall journey that will put you in the game.

It informs you how to figure out your taxes. It also tells you how to get the licenses and permits needed to do bookkeeping.

An additional benefit of the software is that Ben Robinson, the creator, has added an attorney to his team. The attorney can help you with your questions about law-related matters.

Practically, Bookkeeper Launch is like any other coaching class. But only it is customized for you. Bookkeeper Launch takes care of your lessons and benefits all online.

What Does Bookkeeper Launch Cover?

Bookkeeper Launch Pro

The Bookkeeper Launch Pro is a course that you can do online to be a bookkeeper. You get access when you sign up.

Bookkeeper Launch Pro has a lot of good features. It can help you organize your income and expenses. It tells about taxes and other things that might happen to the company.

  • Bookkeeping is important to learn. You can work with clients who have different needs. That is because the digital age has come, and it changes how they do things.
  • Efficient systems and procedures for your bookkeeping business. You can use these to make sure you get all the jobs done on time. How to start a business. Register your business with the government. Set up your business, including licensing and taxes.
  • How to price and sell your products and services.
  • It is marketing your business without selling products.
  • How do you get clients who like and pay for your work? You need to find them. You can do that online or in person.
  • How to make the most money taking care of your business. You require to know what you can sell or do.

Additional Unique Features

  • Live, weekly Q&A calls with instructors. Ask them about anything, and they will assist you. These talks are recorded and obtainable in their Education Center.
  • Access to the BBL (Bookkeeper Business Launch) Students Community is a private support group with over 6000 students. You can ask inquiries and hear about everyone’s virtual bookkeeping experiences.
  • Legal consultations are free. You can talk to a lawyer just once per month for 45 minutes. Ask them any questions about setting up your business as a legal entity.
  • If you need immediate help, the company has email support.


  • Online bookkeeping can help you. You can find guides, templates, workbooks, and checklists for your books.
  • Recordings of the most dominant shortcuts and pitfalls that were found by the successful people in this course.
  • Profit maximizers are services you can do for people to make more money. You can do these for clients to help them. You can increase your profits by doing these things.

Furthermore, I will provide you with a lifetime of access to the course. If there are any updates, They will give you access to them.

Bookkeeper Launch Premier

The Bookkeeper Launch Premier is the best way to learn how to be a bookkeeper. You will acquire access to the whole course and the private community PLUS coaching so you can start your business right away.

This program will teach you what the Bookkeeper Launch Premier covers. The program includes:

  • This is for the Bookkeeper Launch Pro.
  • Eight sessions led by experienced online bookkeepers.
  • Unlimited Open Mic Sessions

A lot of devising is needed before you are ready to have a baby. You have to be accountable for your baby, so you need to plan ahead.

The Bookkeeper Launch Team

In order to make the most amount of money in this business, you will have to be better at it. You need to hire other people who know how to do bookkeeping. This is what the Bookkeeper Launch Team does.

The Bookkeeper Launch Team gives you the things you need to operate a fully scaled online bookkeeping business. You will get what is needed to make the business work.

  • Everything that is in Bookkeeper Launch Premier.
  • The managers should be good at marketing and sales. They need to know how to communicate with people well.
  • This is an online community where high-achieving bookkeepers are members.
  • Two Knowledge Licenses are worth $1000. Team members can use these to learn how your company operates.

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How Much Does The Bookkeeper Business Launch Cost?

There are different types of Bookkeeper Business Launch. You can buy the one that costs the most or the one that costs less, whichever you want.

The Bookkeeper Business Launch Pro costs $1,999. You can recompense it all at once and get a discount of $389. Or you can pay in 12 monthly payments for $199 each.

The Bookkeeper Business Launch Premier is more expensive than the Basic version. You can pay it up front and get a discount of $589, or you can pay it over 12 months at the cost of $299 per month.

Bookkeeper Launch is a special program. It is the only one that teaches you about what you need to do as a bookkeeper. This course will teach you all you require to know about booking, and it makes sure that your business is legal.

Since there are no other courses in the area, you cannot compare this one to others. The investment you make here is convenient for a middle-class person. You can also use all the extra stuff there.

The original price for Bookkeeper Launch PRO is $1,999.

The original price for Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER is $2,999.

Monthly payments are made for both the courses, so you will need to make them every month.

For Bookkeeper Launch PRO, you pay 199 dollars for twelve months. And for Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER, you will need to pay $299 per month over twelve months.

The cost of the course will decrease during the sale. It is 300$ off now, which is a good discount.

If you are new to bookkeeping, I would suggest that you buy the Bookkeeper Launch PRO rather than the Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER because they both have similar features. But with premier, you get more help. It has more accountability and coaching to help you succeed faster.

You can always upgrade your bee-keeping equipment later on if you are willing to spend more money. But for now, if you are a new beekeeper, at least get used to the basics. You can become specialized in something else when you know everything about beekeeping.

If you are not content with your subscription, we will give you back 100% of what you paid. There is no time maximum for this, and there are no questions to answer.

Now, this is a good way to get almost all of your money back. If you don’t like what you are doing, at least you can save on that money.

Certified people from this course usually earn 32,000$-41,000$ a month. So if you think about the big picture, an investment is worth it. This investment is not only for the money, though.

When you pay for this course, you are investing in yourself. You will get knowledge and experience that you might not be able to get somewhere else.

Is getting this Bookkeeper Launcher worth it? I don’t know if you are serious enough about this career.

If it is, yes, the Bookkeeper Launch Course is one of the best ways to get to where you are planning to go. It will be hard no matter what.

The Bookkeeper Lunch Program is a good thing that can help you. You get more money and other things, too. It helps you solve any problem you have. It is just a paid service to take care of your business and make sure it grows.

Is The Bookkeeper Business Launch Certificate Worth It?

Yes. It is an investment in knowledge and learning. The Bookkeeper Business Launch program is for people who want to learn more about the business world.

This certificate will make you a lot of money if you work as an online bookkeeper. Ben Robinson made more than $60 an hour as a bookkeeper working from home. This is more money than people who work full-time as bookkeepers make.

The average salary for a bookkeeper is $43,965. This is the number as of October 28th, 2020. But this amount can be anywhere from $38,583 to $49,317. Now, when you break it down by the hour using $43,965 (with a 40-hour workweek at 50 weeks/year to account for vacation time), the salary translates to about $22 per hour.

Pros and Cons of Bookkeeper Business Launch


  • You will get lifespan access to the courses.
  • They have different ways for you to pay.
  • This school offers the flexibility to complete courses.
  • Short video lessons
  • You can even get email on your phone
  • You have a choice between Pro and Premier plans.
  • Good customer service
  • The Facebook Support Group has over 6000 members.
  • There will be a question and answer session each week with professionals.
  • Attorney Access


  • The Price is a bit high.
  • People need to spend time with the product before they buy it. This is why sometimes people come in late to buy this product.
  • You must work to get your money.
  • The course itself will not give you financial freedom. The tools are provided for you. You must be willing to do the work and go outside of your comfort zone in order for BL to work.
  • It takes time to construct a client base. You have to work at it.

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If you’re looking to make money from home by becoming an online bookkeeper, the Bookkeeper Launch course is a great one for anyone who wants to grow a successful bookkeeping business. The program covers everything that a new or existing small business owner needs to know about accounting and managing finances in today’s digital world.

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