A-Mark Precious Metals

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A-Mark Precious Metals

A-Mark Precious Metals is a company that has been in business for many years. A-Mark Precious Metals specializes in gold and silver bullion, and they have great prices on all of their products. A-Mark Precious Metals has two locations: one in Dallas, Texas, and the other in Kansas City, Missouri. A-Mark’s website provides information about how to buy precious metals from them and contact information for both stores.

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A-Mark Precious Metals Review: Here’s What You Need to Find Out

What is A-Mark Precious Metals About?

A-Mark Precious Metals is a company that sells precious metals. It has been around since 1965, and it has many employees. The company is in Santa Monica, Florida, and is owned by Spectrum Group International. A-Mark says that they have the largest network of dealers for precious metals in North America.

A-Mark Precious Metals has been around for a long time, and they offer both wholesale and retail products to their customers. Customers from all over the world, including refiners, private mints, manufacturers, and financial institutions, trust A-Mark Precious Metals with their business.

A-Mark owns SilverTowne Mint. This subsidiary makes special silver and gold coins that customers can buy. Customers can also buy these coins from JM Bullion and Goldline, which are subsidiaries of A-Mark.

A-Mark also owns two other companies. They are AM Capital Funding and Collateral Finance Corporation (CFC). These companies offer people loans, and you can use your gold or silver bullion as collateral if you need a loan.
The company’s headquarters are in El Segundo, California, but A-Mark has offices in other places too. They are in Las Vegas, Nevada; Dallas, Texas; Winchester, IN; and Vienna, Austria.

A-Mark Precious Metals is dedicated to both environmental and social sustainability. They work hard to do things that will make people trust them.

A-Mark chooses to partner with companies that care about the environment and do what is right. They have partnered with UPS, FedEx, Brinks, Loomis, Landsberg, and USPS.

Are There Any A-Mark Precious Metals Red Flags?

It is important to look at reviews before you buy anything. You want to choose a company that has good reviews. Gold is a big purchase, so it is extra important to be careful when you are researching the company.

Reading reviews about a company can tell you important information that is not on the website. You can find out how they treat their customers, if there are any services offered and how good the products are.

The Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, and Trustpilot are among the most respected review sites.

The only site They found that had reviews of A-Mark Precious Metals was the Business Consumer Alliance. There were not many reviews, but it does not mean that A-Mark is a bad company. It just makes it harder to find out about them and how they work.

Many other companies have reviews from people who have invested with them before. This is a good thing. A-Mark Precious Metals does not have any reviews, so it feels like there is more risk in working with them than with other companies.

Is A-Mark Precious Metals a Scam?

No, A-Mark Precious Metals is not a fraud. The company has been in business since 1965 and is legitimate. They have an address in El Segundo, California. A-Mark Precious Metals has been around for over 50 years, which means that it is unlikely they would still be around if they were not legit.

Now that you know A-Mark Precious Metals is a real company, your next question might be whether or not they are the right precious metals company for you to work with.

This company, A-Mark Precious Metals, has been in business for a long time. This is even though they do not have as many reviews as other companies in the same industry. Many businesses that have been in business for 10 to 20 years have hundreds of customer reviews. These reviews can tell you more about how the company does business and what you can expect as a customer. This is not the case for A-Mark Precious Metals, and it leaves you wondering why there are so few reviews.

A-Mark Precious Metals’ website does not mention anything about IRAs. If you buy gold and silver for your IRA, you can get tax benefits. You may do better choosing a company that offers IRAs because A-Mark Precious Metals does not offer them.

The website for A-Mark Precious Metals does not have a live chat feature. This is not a requirement when you are choosing which company to invest with, but it can make getting questions answered quicker and easier.

A-Mark Precious Metals Products and Services

A-Mark Precious Metals sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They sell them in different forms.

The prices of the products are based on the live spot price. There is also a graph that shows investors the Spot Prices History.

When you have an IRA, there are two companies that can help you with it. Sterling Trust Company and American Church Trust Company. The fees are different depending on which company you choose.

Apart from precious metals, A-Mark also offers financial services. One of these is to sell your goods on consignment and to hedge them.

Gold IRA

Gold is a good metal to invest in. It’s easy to sell, rare, and can help you hedge against inflation. There are different ways to buy gold coins or bars from A-Mark Precious Metals.

  • American Eagle Gold Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins
  • South African Krugerrand Gold Coins
  • American Buffalo Gold Coins
  • Britannia Gold Coins
  • Queen’s Beast White Horse of Hanover Gold Coins
  • Queen’s Beast Unicorn of Scotland Gold Coins
  • Queen’s Beast Black Bull of Clarence Gold Coins
  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars


A-Mark Precious Metals sells many different types of silver. Silver is a popular investment among financial experts because it is used in technology and manufacturing. As more and more uses for silver are discovered, the price will continue to go up. The different silver coins and bars available from A-Mark include:

  • American Eagle Silver Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins
  • Royal Arms Silver Coins
  • 2019 Valiant Silver Coins
  • 2019 Silver Spade Guinea Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins
  • Queen’s Beast White Horse of Hanover Silver Coins
  • Queen’s Beast Yale of Beaufort Silver Coins
  • Queen’s Beasts Black Bull of Clarence Silver Coins
  • Britannia Silver Coins
  • SilverTowne Lady Liberty Silver Coins
  • SilverTowne $10 Indian Replica Silver Coins
  • SilverTowne Liberty Eagle Silver Coins
  • SilverTowne Prospector Silver Coins
  • SilverTowne 1804 Silver Coins
  • SilverTowne American Buffalo Coins
  • SilverTowne Saint Gauden Coins
  • Asahi Silver Bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars


Platinum is a rare and valuable metal, and it is not available from many dealers. This means it may be a good choice to invest in because it will give you more options about what you want to do with your money. You can choose Platinum from A-Mark, and they have Platinum coins, platinum bars, or platinum rounds.

  • American Eagle Platinum Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Platinum Coins
  • Valcambi Platinum Bars


A-Mark Precious Metal has a relationship with different mints. This allows them to offer some exclusive products that are not available through other dealers. They offer coins and bars that are only available through them.

  • Saint Helena £ Silver Bar
  • Queen’s Beast White Lion of Mortimer Gold Coins
  • Queen’s Beast White Lion of Mortimer Silver Coins
  • Buffalo Copper Rounds
  • 100th Anniversary Royal Mounted Police Silver Coins
  • 2019 Royal Arms Silver Coins
  • Queen’s Beasts Yale of Beaufort Gold Coins
  • Athena Owl Silver Coins

Leases and Consignments

A-Mark offers commercial counterparts that are financed in the form of precious metals leases and consignments with competitive rates and terms.


Rather than buying gold ETFs or stacking physical gold, owning a company called A-Mark is a better way to protect you from stock volatility.

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A-Mark Precious Metals Features

How to Get Started?

A-Mark offers its customers a variety of supplementary services, including secure storage for precious metals and coins as well as receiving, handling, inventorying, processing, packaging, and shipping. Their operations are handled by its wholly-owned subsidiary SilverTowne Mint. It allows the firm to provide consumers with a broad range of unique coin and bar choices while also providing them with preferred product access during market downturns when silver bullion from sovereign mints is frequently restricted.

Contacting A-Mark Precious Metals is the best way to get access to its products and services. You may accomplish it in three ways.

  • Go to its website
  • Contact them at (310) 343-4339
  • Go to their physical address in 2121 Rosecrans Ave Suite 6300, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA

A-Mark Precious Storage and Delivery

A-Mark Precious Metals offers safe storage. You can have your gold, diamonds, or other precious metals stored at any place of your choosing around the world. They offer different types of storage for people with different needs and budgets.

If you buy gold or silver, it will be saved in a place where people can’t take it. This is to make sure your money stays safe.

Resources for Investors

Investors can get information about investing in precious metals on the website. A-Mark Precious Metal’s company performance is also available on the site. Go to the “Charts” section of the website. Find “historical pricing charts for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.” You can see when these precious metals cost money.

You can find out information about the company on the Investors Relations page. From there, you can see what they are doing and how they are doing.

Why Should You (Or Should NOT) Join A-Mark Precious Metals?

The Good

  • Offers a wide variety of products and services
  • Has been in business since 1965

The Bad

  • Lacks ratings and reviews
  • This website does not have enough information. There are no people to help you.
  • No IRAs provided (at least no info about it on their website)

A-Mark Precious Metals Trust Ratings and Reviews

Should You Invest in A-Mark Precious Metals?

A-Mark Precious Metals is a company that has been around for a long time, but they do not have many online ratings and reviews.

Here is a list of what you can find.

  • BBB – not accredited and rated
  • BCA – AA Rating
  • Yelp – 4 out of 5 based on five reviews


Augusta Precious Metals


star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a precious metals company that specializes in gold IRA accounts. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as excellent ratings from BCA, TrustLink, Google, and Facebook.

Augusta’s reputation has improved as a result of its exceptional customer service. It is transparent and makes it simple for individuals wanting to open precious metal IRAs to do so. It gives bespoke replies depending on each client’s financial needs.

Augusta Priceless Metals is well-known for delivering high-quality silver and gold retirement investments to its clients. Clients may use it to safeguard their profiles as well as avoid stock market downturns linked to other issues. You will get outstanding assistance as long as your Augusta account is open. If you have concerns about specific items or require more information regarding your retirement funds, they will be happy to help.

American Hartford Gold


4.8 star

Star Rating

When it comes to buying precious metals, American Hartford Gold has you covered. They provide a variety of IRA-approved bullion as well as collectible coins for people interested in long-term investments that will appreciate over time.

American Hartford Gold makes it easy to set up a Gold IRA. You just need to follow three easy steps. Plus, you can choose from three different depository firms to store your metals holdings.

The company places a great deal of importance on educating its customers. It offers a free Gold & Silver Information Guide, as well as a dedicated section focusing on “Market News and Charts.” The aforementioned part includes several articles on diverse themes, all of which are designed to educate the reader about precious metals investment.




4.5 star

Star Rating

Goldco Precious Metals is a well-known and experienced full-service precious metals business. They specialize in the rollover of gold and silver IRAs. They also buy precious metals from their clients and sell them immediately to them.

Trevor Gerszt started Goldco in Woodland Hills, California, in 2006. Goldco has been providing precious metals services to its customers since the company’s inception. They’ve helped them secure, protect, and diversify their funds and savings.

Knowledge is critical when it comes to investment. Goldco ensures that its clients and investors are up to date on the industry. There are numerous learning resources available on the company’s website.


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If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio, A-Mark Precious Metals may be a good option for you. They offer a variety of financial services as well, including consignment and hedging opportunities. Whether you want to invest in precious physical metals or not, it’s always worth doing some research on any potential business partner before signing contracts just so that there are no surprises later on down the road.

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