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Bullionstar is a company that specializes in precious metals. They offer a wide variety of products, including gold, silver, and platinum. Bullionstar also offers storage services for its customers. If you’re looking to invest in precious metals, Bullionstar is the perfect place to do it!

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Bullionstar Review

What is Bullionstar? – Overview

Bullionstar is a precious metals company that is based in Singapore. Torgny Persson is the creator and CEO of the company.

The company has a good reputation for being a good place to buy and store precious metals. Singapore is also nice for business. This country has political stability, a protected environment, and no taxes or reporting requirements.
45 New Bridge Road, Singapore, is the physical location of Bullionstar.

Is Bullionstar a Scam?

Bullionstar is a legitimate company that provides good services and products. A lot of clients have shared that they love the company.

Another reason to buy and store precious metals in Singapore is that the country has a protected environment. There are also no required documents or taxes.

The only downside to Bullionstar is that it doesn’t have reviews from important websites such as the BBB. And if you favor working with a company that has its own IRA services, then Bullionstar might not be the great option for you.

A Reputable Bullionstar in Good Standing

The only concern is that there are no reviews or ratings from real customers on well-known rating and review websites. But there are reviews from Google and their own Facebook page.

Overall, this seems like a good alternative with some clear benefits.

How Does Bullionstar Work?

There are two ways people can use Bullion Star’s service. They can make an account online and buy the gold there, or they can come to the company’s store and buy it in person.

As mentioned before, buyers don’t need to make appointments to access the company’s physical gold store. They can ask all their questions there. However, if people want to use BullionStar’s online service, they need to do a few things first.

Can You Get the Metals Delivered Home?

BullionStar takes your privacy seriously and will always respond to your requests. Yes, you can have your metals delivered to the safety of your home, but this is not recommended. We take our commitment to confidentiality and safety very seriously.

Since the purchases are not taxed in Singapore, there is no fee for shipping.

Can You Store with the Company?

BullionStar is a great place to store your precious metals. The environment is supportive of storage, and it is very safe.

BullionStar is a very secure place to store your gold, silver, and platinum. The tax exemption and political stability are two factors that make it a great choice.

The company has a lot of partners from all over the world. It is cheaper than other companies because it doesn’t have as many workers to pay.

Can You Sell Back to the Company?

You can sell your precious metals back to the company. This is a good idea in case you need to give up some of them. The company will earn your trust with its honesty and openness. You won’t regret selling it back to them.

Many customers are loyal to the company and will buy from them again because of the support and transparency they have shown over the years. Customers can also sell their products back to the company with minimal effort.

Promptness is one of the qualities that make the company a good place to sell your precious metals.

Products and Services Offered; Do they Offer IRAs?

BullionStar is committed to helping customers make good investments. They have gold and silver that are 99.9% pure, but not all of it can be put in an IRA account.

This is because you have to follow a lot of rules for an IRA account with precious metals. The tax relief laws are strict, but you can get a tax credit if you do them. Retired people can put money from bonds, stocks, or bullion into accounts designed to save money for retirement.

There are laws that hold people responsible for their actions. Every type of bullion has different rules for customers with different standards. For example,

IRA bullion cannot be stored in your personal deposit box or home safe. Only approved custodians with metal depository authority are allowed to store them.

The precious metal bullion in this article must be a certain size.

If you already have bullion when opening an IRA, the billion is not eligible for inclusion. In this case, you must buy the bullion after opening the IRA or transfer it from other IRA accounts.

US IRAs are a good way to save for retirement. Anyone with income can open an IRA. It is tax-incentivized, so it can be funded from pre-tax income.

A self-directed IRA is a good way to invest in a lot of different types of assets.

You can save money in a special account called a “precious metals IRA.” Precious metals are one of the best ways to save. This is because there are tax benefits when you do it this way, so you can get more money in your account without paying much in taxes.

If you want to buy from BullionStar, you need to have a custodian account. IRA Club is a company that helps people with self-directed custodial IRAs.

You might also have an old pension plan, like a 401k. You can roll over to this from your new one.

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Bullionstar Complaints, Reviews, and Ratings

When you are looking at a company, make sure you look at what trustworthy review sites say about them. If they have a high rating, then that is good to know. They always provide our readers with the results of our reviews. You can find the links to these reviews by clicking on the highlighted text.

Google – 4.8/5 rating; 1949 reviews
Trustpilot – 4.7/5 rating;71 reviews
Facebook – 4.9/5 rating; 1110 reviews

Clearly, Bullionstar has excellent reviews and ratings on these websites. It is not rated by the Better Business Bureau, however, which are critical resources for potential consumers.

Many of Bullionstar’s competitors are on these websites. That does not mean that it is bad. Clients are satisfied with the company based on the existing reviews.

Bullionstar Pros and Cons


  • Bullion Star provides a wide array of services and products: Bullion Star has bars of gold, coins of gold, silver bars, and silver coins. They are from the most prestigious refineries and mints. The precious metals are insured against theft or damage. Bullion Star will get your investment back to you if anything happens to it while it is there in Singapore under 24-hour surveillance.
  • You can store and acquire your precious metals through Bullion Star: Bullion Star’s vault storage service is a great way to sell, store, and buy your bullion. With this service, you have total control over your investment at all times. Even though your bullion is stored in Singapore, you still have legal ownership of it and can access it anytime you want.
  • The website is obliging and easy to navigate: On Bullion Star’s website, you can buy and sell precious metals. Once you are a customer, you have access to your vault on the website.
  • You can place orders online: Logging in and placing your order is easy. You just need to enter your customer and payment information, agree to the terms and conditions, and then set your order.
  • Bullion Star’s customer service is uppermost rated: Bullion Star’s customer service is one of the best around. The reps are always willing to help and are very friendly. If you have any problems, they will be more than happy to help solve them.
  • Bullion Star’s reviews and ratings are impressive: Customers who gave ratings and comments on Bullion Star appeared to be happy with the company’s services.


  • Bullion Star doesn’t have its own IRA service: If you are looking for a business that offers IRA services, this is not the company to choose.
  • Bullion Star lacks ratings from prominent websites: One of the downsides to Bullion Star is that they don’t have many reviews. Other companies have ratings and reviews on sites like Yelp and the BBB. This makes BullionStar look bad to some people.

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Augusta Precious Metals


star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals was formed in 2012 to help its customers make the greatest financial decisions to ensure a secure and comfortable future.

The business offers a full money-back guarantee on its precious metals, including gold and silver coins, to first-time clients. If you have any concerns about your order, you have seven days from the date of delivery to request a full refund.

Augusta Precious Metals can also assist with the sale of your metals from storage. They will liquidate the precious metals in your account and send you the money via wire transfer so that you may get what you require as soon as possible. However, rather than selling the metals to Augusta Precious Metals, you may choose to have them delivered to you at a quicker pace.

American Hartford Gold


4.8 star

Star Rating

The American Hartford Gold Group is a family-owned precious metals firm with Sanford Mann and Scott Gerlis in charge. This firm, which was founded in 2015 and is based in Los Angeles, California, aims to help customers diversify their assets and retirement plans using precious metals.

The American Hartford Gold Group offers consumers assistance, customer support, internet services, and publications to safeguard and enhance their retirement funds.

The American Hartford Gold Group is a worldwide leader in the gold market. It primarily sells gold coins and bullion, although it also sells other precious metals, including silver and platinum, for those who want them.




4.5 star

Star Rating

Goldco is a well-known firm that assists individuals with their gold IRA rollovers. Customers may also acquire precious metals from them directly.

Trevor Gerszt established Goldco in 2006 as a precious metals company. The Woodland Hills, California-based firm’s operations began in 2002. Since its inception, the company has been assisting clients in securing, protecting, and diversifying their assets and savings.

The Better Business Bureau has rated Goldco with an A+ grade and a Triple-A ranking. They have outstanding ratings on review platforms like Trustpilot and Google as well.


BullionStar is a global bullion store with an integrated walk-in shop, showroom, and vault in central Singapore. They offer international customers the ability to buy and sell precious metals both online and offshore, as well as provide groundbreaking research on the global markets. With their easy-to-use transactional platform for buying gold online, they make it simple for you – no matter where you are in the world!

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