Coin IRA Review

Coin IRA Review

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The cryptocurrency market is exploding, and the best way to invest in it is through a Coin IRA. Coin IRA offers investors a way to have their retirement plans diversified with this new asset class. With all of the advantages that come with investing in cryptocurrencies, this shouldn’t be an option you pass up!

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Overview of Coin IRA

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has exploded in size and scope. This is mainly due to increased interest from investors, both young and old. However, many people are still hesitant to invest their money in this volatile market because of its lack of regulation. Coin IRA offers a solution for these folks by allowing them to invest their retirement funds into cryptocurrency without actually holding it themselves!

Coin IRA is an investment service that helps you diversify your finances. By establishing a cryptocurrency-based Individual Retirement Account, Coin IRA simplifies the process of buying and selling digital currency for its customers through regulated crypto liquidity providers.

Coin IRA is a company that helps people buy Bitcoin or other digital currencies. They make it easy by setting up and sending your money for you. You can tell them how you want to trade the money, and they will do it for you. Then they store your money in their wallets until you are ready to trade again.

A subsidiary of Goldco and a respected gold IRA provider, Coin IRA offers a range of alternative investment options for your retirement account. Choose to trade with an individual or have access to extended trading hours.

Products and Services

Coin IRAs are a way to have an IRA where you can put bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. It is an excellent way to save for your retirement, and it gives you more choices.

Coin IRA presents a simple and easy way to invest in self-directed IRAs that will allow you to have tax-free gains and the ability to diversify your retirement portfolio.

Investing with a traditional IRA is an excellent choice for many people who want to always make their money available without any penalties for withdrawing it early. You can also invest with a cryptocurrency IRA, which is just like investing in traditional IRAs but with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency IRAs are like regular IRAs. You can trade cryptocurrencies from your account online. Your cryptocurrency is held in a safe place (cold storage) to prevent hackers from getting to your money. Coin IRA works with trusted people and companies who know how to deal with IRAs.

Coin IRA saves you time and money. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP with Coin IRA. Coin IRA is a company that has staff who will help you with all of the details about cryptocurrency, so you understand it better. There are no maximum purchase limits, but they protect your investments from any fraudulent activity, so you stay.

Costs & Fees

The Coin IRA website has very little information on their fee schedule and charges. Company reviews have described Coin IRA’s fee structure to be the following:

You are charged a one-time fee of $50 to open your account and an annual fee of $80 to keep it open. You also have the option to choose for Coin IRA’s digital assets to be stored in offline wallets, which cost an extra $100.

Coin IRA Security

Investing in cryptocurrency can be very risky because the values change often, and there is no government backing, but Coin IRA makes it safer for you. A personal consultant will explain options for a security plan that will make you feel comfortable.

How Does Coin IRA Work?

A crypto IRA is like any other type of IRA. You put money in the account, and there are investments you can make with that money. Crypto IRAs let you put money from your bank account or rollover funds from another type of IRA to invest in a cryptocurrency.

Once you have bought crypto, you can put it in three different places.

  • You can store it in a vault that is not connected to the internet.
  • Coin IRA also offers offline storage inside of a hard wallet, such as KeepKey or Ledger.
  • In your own personal digital wallet or on a cryptocurrency exchange

There are other IRAs that let you store your assets offline. These are really good for security. There are not many other IRAs that give you the option to keep your assets at home in a wallet, but it is good to have this choice even if not everyone needs it.

There’s a minimum investment requirement for buying crypto money in cash accounts. But if you want to buy it in Bitcoin IRA accounts, the minimum is waived.

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Customer Support & Customer Complaints

Coin IRA and Goldco have a good reputation. The Better Business Bureau gave them both an A+. Consumer Affairs recommends considering Coin IRA because they offer free consultations before you invest any money. GoldIRA Guide gives Coin IRA 4 out of 5 stars, but they do not list any prices on their site.

Retirement Investments gets a 5-star rating from people. But some reviews say that the company’s information is old. The Trustpilot score with Goldco is high, but not all of its subsidiaries get this rating. We found no complaints about Coin IRA online.

Pros and Cons

It is easier than ever to invest in cryptocurrencies. Investors can now do so without worrying about storing and protecting their assets if they contact Coin IRA, a company that specializes in cryptocurrency retirement plans.


  • Coin IRA is a safe place to put an investment that you can control.
  • Digital assets can be stored in secure offline wallets. These are called cold wallets.
  • Subsidized by Goldco, an industry-leading gold IRA company
  • The company takes a low-pressure, education-first method to invest with clients.
  • Compliant with all U.S. laws that regulate IRAs
  • Insurance up to $100 million
  • Reasonable fees


  • The minimum investment is $30,000.
  • There are only six cryptocurrencies to choose from, but this is enough for most investors.
  • Absence of transparency about the price and fees
  • The website does not have much information about their service.
  • Regulatory factors that accompany an account can make the signup process last a long time.




Star Rating

Goldco Direct made the decision to change their name in order to better represent what they are doing. They realized that a reputable Gold IRA provider was growing more and more needed, so they choose it would be best for them if they went from being just an online gold dealer into also selling IRAs.

Goldco is committed to educating Americans about the importance of safeguarding their retirement. They are also dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to learn more and protect yourself from inflation with a Goldco account!


Star Rating

BitIRA is one of the only methods in which you can transact popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum through your IRA account. Whereas IRA providers don’t offer support for trading cryptocurrencies are usually custodial but BitIRA setups an IRA custodian to enable people to trade crypto through a tax-sheltered account.

BitIRA is an easy-to-use retirement account with some great benefits. In addition to having a fully assisted setup and the ability for your company to fund your BitIRA account through its rollover process.

It also has cold storage wallets that provide maximum security while offline so that no one can access your funds without physical possession of hardware keys in case of theft or loss. There are tax reductions too because Bitcoin and other crypto are protected against inflation by several factors – reducing risk devaluation and debasement.

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If you’re looking for a way to invest your IRA funds in cryptocurrency, I highly recommend Coin IRA. They offer free consultations and resources that can help walk you through the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies. The company does not have many details available on its website, but it is worth considering if this sounds like something you are intended to invest in.

Having an IRA is important to prepare for when you’re not working anymore. Most people don’t start considering their retirement until they are old. If you begin now, then you will be better off when you retire. But it can also be hard because the market changes a lot, and it’s hard to know what will happen.

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